Wednesday 3 April 2013

Born Pretty Store Wax Pen

Press Sample Purchased by Me

Afternoon Friends!

Today I have a review of Born Pretty Store Wax Pen which can be found here for $1.99 for 2 pens!

To test the pens I used one to pick up those square silver studs, also from Born Pretty Store over two coats of A England St. George.

All you need to do is apply a coat of top coat and use the wax pen to pick up the stud and place it onto your nail. It took about 2 minutes to do one hand and I had an easy fun manicure!

I also created a short video showing me attaching the studs to my nails so you can get an idea just how easy it is!

I hope you are having a great afternoon! My nails are in horrible shape as I keep bumping them against my crutches they are breaking like mad. I'm not sure I can make them look nice at all. :( So I will probably still be posting sporadically over the next few weeks until my nails are in better shape as I'm sure none of you want to see barely there nails!



  1. This is awesome!! :D Gorgeous manicure, too! Sorry to hear about the breakages :(

  2. You made the video private and therefore not visible to us.
    I hope your ankle is healing nicely.

  3. cool idea! i use the little pick'r upp'r thing from Sally, but this looks cool too!

    1. Thanks Missy! I have seen that, but never given it a shot!

  4. I love the base colour for this, and the wax pen seems a really good idea - it does get tedious constantly dipping a dotting tool in top coat!

    1. I agree! It works best on larger studs and rhinestones, but works much better than top coat!

  5. a-england Saint George is wonderful! :-) It seems that the wax pen is really useful! :-)


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