Wednesday 21 December 2011

Christmas Cookies!

My sister and I went up to my Grandma's the other day to make cookies for Christmas! After six hours of mixing, rolling, cutting and decorating we ended up with 110 gorgeous cookies! A few broke along the way, which we obviously tasted and they were delicious! I took some pictures of the process to share with all of you :) 
rolling out the dough
cookies on the baking sheet 

sprinkles for decorating!
decorating area
the first decorated cookies!
more decorated! 
and more cookies 
cookies waiting to be decorated...
the final product!!! All 110 cookies!
don't they look delicious!
so yummy. 
one of my favourite bows 
another snowman
one more bow :) 
Don't they look fantastic! I can't wait for christmas eve to enjoy them will all my little cousins! 

Until next time,

Sincerely Stephanie


Time for another christmas nail post! 

My sister came home from school for the holidays and I painted her nails in a fun snowflake design for the holidays! 
snowflake nails!
In order to get this manicure I used Essie's Mint Candy Apple, a white striper and Wet and Wild's Hallucinate glitter. 
Polish Used
First give yourself a nice base coat to ensure a smooth nail before you apply any polish. I used Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Diamond Shine. 

Then paint your all of your nails Mint Candy Apple. Any blue colour can be used for the base of the snowflake, but I like the mint as it gives the nail a very wintery feel. Also Mint is going to be one of the hottest colours of 2012! 

Once that is dry you can get creative with your striper in creating snowflakes. Make either 6 or 8 sided stars on your nail by making straight lines with the striper. You can place the snowflakes anywhere on your nail, I like putting them in different spots. 
snowflake positions
Once the snowflakes are in place you can make dots on the ends of the lines in order to complete the snowflake. If you have a dotting tool then you can use that, but if not there are a variety of tools that you can use instead. For this manicure I used a bobby pin to create the dots. Just dip the bobby pin in the white nail polish and place dots at the end of the lines. Also place dots anywhere else on the nail to look like little drops of snow. 

Then add one coat of glitter polish to give it a little sparkle, a top coat once that dries and you are done! 
The nails look really cute and are great for the winter! 

Until next time,

Sincerely Stephanie

Saturday 17 December 2011

Oregon Man Abuses The Force, Assaults Shoppers With Lightsaber

Oregon Man Abuses The Force, Assaults Shoppers With Lightsaber

I was reading one of my favourite fashion blogs CocoPerez and came across this!
I am a huge Star Wars fan, but this just made me laugh!

Candy Canes

Hey all!

So I've been in the Christmas spirit lately and decided that I had to make sure my nails were looking christmasy! I always love candy canes and they feel so festive to me, so for my own nails I thought a candy cane design was in order. This was the final product!! [Instructions below :)]
Candy Cane Nails! 
In order to get these fantastic nails I used Sephora by OPI's High Maintenance, a white striper and Wet and Wild glitter polish called Hallucination. 

Polishes I used

The first step was putting on a good base coat! Right now I'm using Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base and Top coat. 

Once your base coat is dry do one or two coats of whichever red polish you choose to use. I chose High Maintenance because there is no glitter or extra sparkle in the polish which gives your candy cane a more realistic feel. Depending on which nail polish you use will determine how many coats you need to apply. Just make sure that the nail is fully covered :)

Let this completely dry. 

Now onto the stripes. 

Use a white striper and start in the bottom right corner of your nail. Then make two white stripes close together, leave some red space and then make two more white stripes close together. Repeat this until you run out of nail. I have found that it is easiest to hold the striper still and rotate your nail to get a nice straight stripe. Although sometimes making the stripe exactly straight can be rather difficult, generally only you will notice if there are imperfections so try not to worry about it :)

Once all your nails are looking delicious and the white stripes are dry take a glitter polish and just do a light coat over top of of your handiwork. The glitter is optional, but I find it gives it just enough shine for the holiday season! 

I am pretty pleased with the final result! It's festive and fun and perfect for the holiday season! 

Until next time,

Sincerely Stephanie

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Hello World :)

So I'm Stephanie. I'm a little crazy, a big nerd and I am completely obsessed with doing my nails. I'm pretty excited to start blogging and I hope you all enjoy it! 

Sincerely Stephanie 


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