Friday 31 May 2013

Aphrodite Lacquers True Love and Heartbreak Collection

Press Sample

Hello my friends!

Today I have some gorgeous polishes from Aphrodite Lacquers to share with you. A few weeks ago Rebecca came out with the True Love and Heartbreak Collection which includes jellies and glitters! Let's jump in with a jelly!

Aphrodite Lacquers Love Is Lost

First up is Aphrodite Lacquers Love Is Lost. This is a gorgeous blueish violet jelly that is simply PACKED with glitter! As with almost all purples and my camera this is pulling a little more blue than it is in real life. So imagine this a touch more purple.

Aphrodite Lacquers Love Is Lost

The glitter in this is various shapes and sizes of matte white glitter, silver holographic glitter and blueish purple iridescent glitter! The iridescent glitter gives it something just a little extra that I love. This was 3 coat of the polish and you couldn't see as much of my nail line in real life.

Aphrodite Lacquers Love Is Lost
Aphrodite Lacquers True Love Forever

Now we have one of a glitters! Aphrodite Lacquers True Love Forever is a clear based glitter filled with pink and red shimmer, various holographic and metallic glitters in pink, fuchsia and red. I paired this with OPI Chic From Ears to Tail. For a more dramatic look you could easily pair this with a deeper colour.

Aphrodite Lacquers True Love Forever

This polish is suuuuuppeer packed with glitter. I dabbed this on and felt like it barely needed a full coat because the glitter ratio was so high. I'm loving this look though, its so fun!

Aphrodite Lacquers True Love Forever

The entire True Love and Heartbreak Collection includes: Broken Heart, Ever Unhappy, Forgotton Promises, Lonely Me, Lonely You, and Standing Here Waiting (jellies); and Romance Never Dies and Happily Ever After (glitters). Each polish is $9 for a full sized bottle and is available here in the Aphrodite Lacquers Etsy shop! Also follow Aphrodite Lacquers on Facebook!

What do you think of these beauties? Will you be picking any up?!

Thursday 30 May 2013

A Sunsational Neon Summer Brought to You by China Glaze


Introducing 12 Smooth Crèmes and Juicy Jellies

Los Angeles – (May 2013): Make waves this summer with the new China Glaze® Sunsational collection.  This fun palette of six brighter-than-bright crèmes and six juicy jelly polishes create a bold pop or sheer hint of color that are sure to see you through every highlight of your summer.

Mix and match these hot hues and different finishes from China Glaze® Sunsational for a vivid and bold expression on your tips and toes:

Sun of A Peach: Popping peachy crème

Neon & On & On: Flirtatious pink crème

Bottoms Up: Passionate bubblegum pink-purple crème

That’s Shore Bright: Playful purple crème

Too Yacht to Handle: Teasing teal crème

Highlight of My Summer: Mellow mint green crème

Shell-O: Juicy coral-pink jelly

Heat Index: Enticing pink jelly

You Drive Me Coconuts: Panic causing purple jelly

Are You Jelly?: Vivacious purple jelly

Isle See You Later:  Marine blue jelly

Keepin’ It Teal: Totally Turned Up turquoise jelly

China Glaze® Sunsational will be available in July 2013 at fine salons and beauty supply stores.

China Glaze® is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde.

China Glaze® nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, please visit or follow China Glaze on Facebook (@ChinaGlaze), Twitter (@ChinaGlazeOfficial) and Pinterest (

China Glaze® is a division of American International Industries.

Fizzy Geometric Cucumbers

Press Sample Purchased by Me

Morning Friends!

Silly blogger was supposed to have this post up last week, but it did not schedule it properly! So better late than never I thought I would share this creation with you.

I actually did these as a guest post for Lisa of Nail Polish Creations while she was vacationing in New York! You can find the original post here :)

My base for these is etoile Polish Fizzy Cucumber which is one of my favourite spring colours and is currently residing on my toes! The black geometric design was done freehand with my It's So Easy Strip Rite Black. I was imitating a sweater I saw a girl on campus wearing one day. The black on my middle nail is Cult Nails Fetish and the square studs are from Born Pretty Store.

I love this combination and geometric prints, well we all know those are my favourite! What do you think of these? Make sure to check out the original post here!

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Born Pretty Store Nail Foils

Press Sample Purchased by Me

Goooood Evening!

Today I have a review of some Born Pretty Store Nail Foils to share with you! These are awesome instant nail art and I think I'm going to have to pick up some more.

I used a basic black creme as my base. In order to get the really cool effect you start with one coat and let that dry completely. Then for your second coat you wait until it's tacky, so that if you pressed your finger in it it would leave a print, but not pick up the polish.

Then take your foil with the coloured side down and press it into your tacky polish. The foil will transfer from the paper to your nail and leave you with this gorgeous effect that is just way too cool for words!

The foil that I used was #26 and can be picked up here for $2.99 for more foil than you will ever be able to use. ALSO use my 10% off code SAX 731 for even more savings. I have seen some really cool effects using a few different coloured foils for a gorgeous look.

What do you think of this look?!

Thursday 23 May 2013

Bluey as Gold

Purchased by Me 

Morning friends!

I am so happy to be walking and have my freedom again its amazing. Even being able to walk to my kitchen and get a glass of juice and walk back to my room is possible now. It's those little things that make life so much simpler :)

Todays look is some simple stamping and gradients that honestly I'm in love with. I was browsing through my helmer looking for something beautiful I forgot I owned and stumbled upon butter LONDON Bluey.

butter LONDON Bluey

GAH it is gorgeous and I haven't used it nearly enough. Freakin love this colour!

butter LONDON Bluey
butter LONDON Bluey

Since we all know I'm obsessed with gold I decided to stamp with Essie Good As Gold and MASH-40. I had seen a few people use this swirly stamp in the past few months and had it on the back of my mind to use at some point. I also haven't done any gradients in a while and thought that I needed to spice this up with some gold gradient accents.

butter LONDON Bluey
butter LONDON Bluey

Sometimes simple looks are best and this I am totally digging! What are your thoughts?

Hope you're having a fab day!

Wednesday 22 May 2013


Purchased by Me

I CAN WALK! I CAN WALK! After 10 long weeks on crutches, an MRI and thinking I might need surgery I have finally gotten the all clear from my surgeon! No more crutches, no more cast, just a brace and a few weeks of physio to build my strength back up. I am insanely relieved and over the moon that I won't need surgery and have some freedom back finally.

My nails have been bare the past few days because honestly my stomach was in knots waiting for the results of the MRI that I couldn't muster a manicure. I did these ikat and accent nails about a week or so ago and absolutely loveeeddd wearing these.

These were actually the good luck nails that I wore for my MRI because I couldn't use glitter. I was browsing through tumblr and found this manicure and just knew I needed to recreate it.

I started with Essie Watermelon on my accent nails and Barielle Swizzle Stix on my ikat nails. Then I used a striping brush and Watermelon and white creme and Swizzle Stix to create my ikat pattern. Loving this ikat look.

This was a fun look to wear and apparently it brought me good luck as I can walkkkkk!!!! :D

Well what do you think of this nail look? I'm off to enjoy my new found freedom! Probably just by walking around my apartment, but still! :D

Have a great day!

Friday 17 May 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does BLING! 18K Gold with Chains

Press Sample Purchased by Me

Afternoon friends!

Today is the last day in the Digit-al Dozen's BLING week! I'm sad this week is coming to a close, it has been so fun creating crazy blingy manicures. You all know this won't be the last bling that you see from me! Todays nails aren't necessarily insanely bling, but they involve 18K Gold and some hawt chains so I think they fall into the bling category!

These are so bold and in your face I LOVED wearing them. They were so luxurious and fun and totally out of this spring season. So me and I never wanted to take them off!

On my thumb and ring nail I started with the fabulous OPI Innie Minnie Mighty Bow and then added a coat and a half of Zoya Gilty. I dabbed a few extra flakes where I wanted them to get the effect I was going for. On my index and middle nail I started with Cult Nails Tempest and then added the black dots and stripes with Cult Nails Fetish. On my pinky nail I just used Fetish as another accent nail. I felt like there was enough going on in the manicure already lol.

These bold in your face manicures are so me and I am loving what these chains can do! Would you ever wear anything like this?! You can pick up these chains here at Born Pretty Store for $2.99 for 100cm of chain. You'll never run out it's so much! Also remember to use my 10% off code SA7 X31

Hope you are having a great Friday and have a lovely long weekend! I'm home for the weekend and my sister is coming home from school! I haven't seen her since Christmas so I'm super excited!

Check out the rest of the Digit-al Dozen's nails :)


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