Thursday 19 September 2013

31DC2013: Day 19 Galaxies

Press Sample Purchased by Me

Good Morning loves!

Today's challenge prompt is Galaxies. The usual route of galaxy nails involves sponging on a mixture of colours until it looks like a galaxy and then adding in some stars so it is a very far away perspective. I like galaxy nails, but decided to go for a more 'close up' perspective.

Our Solar System!! I know nails like these have been done before, but I had much more fun making these than I would have doing classic galaxy nails. The base of this manicure is the beautiful Essence Jacob's Protection. This is a deep navy jelly with green and turquoise micro glitter that I thought would mimic stars in the distance.

Pretty much every colour was custom mixed so I will list all the polishes I used below. All the work was done with my smallest cut down nail art brush :D Here are all the polishes used
Sally Hansen Lightening (yellow)
Sally Hansen Rapid Red (red)
Revlon Sorbet (light orange)
Essence Wake Up! (dark orange)
China Glaze Sunday Funday (light blue)
Essie Pretty Edgy (green)
Essie Marshmallow (white jelly)
NYC Sidewalkers (gray)
Sinful Colors In The Mist (green gray)
Pure Ice Bikini (light blue)
Revlon Bare Bones (nude)
China Glaze Desert Sun (brown)
Essie Bulter Plese (cobalt blue)
Sally Hansen Ion (grey white)

SUPER love these and have been showing them to all my friends :D I don't want to take them off today to do watermarble nails. Bleh. Another least favourite :P Do you like my galaxy nails?!

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  1. THIS IS SO FANTASTIC! So good. I had a feeling you'd do something crazy today! <3

  2. This looks amazing! I love how you painted all the planets!

  3. I love this, it looks amazing!

  4. These look AWESOME! And I love that you included Pluto :)

  5. Wow, they look so cool! I'm quite looking forward to galaxy nails, I've never done them before.

    I can't help but laugh that there are Twilight nail polishes. What a shame I can't find them anywhere! :p

  6. Very cool! I've been wanting to try out planets in my galaxy nails

  7. I love these so much! And even more so because you included pluto!

  8. This is brilliant! Great job! So nice to see a different take on the galaxy nails!

  9. Gorgeous, definitely agree a great galaxy look x

  10. omg! These are AMAZING! What an awesome idea! And they turned out awesome!

  11. This looks absolutely amazing! I really like your take on it :)

  12. This is amazing!!

  13. Beautiful!! You did an awesome job with the colors and scale. Just curious, which view of Earth is that?

  14. This is a FANTASTIC take on galaxy nails! Awesome!

  15. I love your interpretation of this theme!

  16. That is one mindblowing manicure! Love love love the interpretation of this theme! Hahaha! We can't have too many fingers! :P Especially when some nail art takes a little more time than others or some look turn out better and felt like a real pity to take off too soon, is why most of my work are just one hand basis. Hahaha! So I could still tackle a new theme on the one hand while still enjoying the previous one on the other! ;P

  17. this is great though - i am so over galaxy nails that this is just super awesome!!


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