Monday 2 September 2013

31DC2013: Day 2 Orange

Press Sample Purchased by Me

Morning friends! Here we are in day two of the 31 Day Challenge 2013 styles and the theme is Orange! I am not usually a huge fan of orange on my nails so coming up with this design took me a bit longer than usual, but I am really loving the final result!

Basically I pulled every orange I had out of my helmer and then just started playing around with them until I had something that I liked. I started off with China Glaze Sun of a Peach from this years Summer Collection. Then using my medium length striping brush I just started striping random oranges on in no particular pattern to get a striped look. The oranges I used were, Pure Ice Can't Stop, China Glaze Orange You Hot? and Revlon Sorbet. At this point most of the finishes were similar and I wasn't loving the mix of orange shades.

Luckily I saw Hard Candy Pinch of Spice which is a fabulous glassfleck giving me the different dimensions I was craving! Then I added the flowers using black and white creme and my cut down brush. I put three black dots in the middle of the flower and then added a few strokes of Pinch of Spice just to give it a little extra pizzaz!

This was one of those manicures that just happens out of nowhere! Do you ever have manicures like that? Are you a fan of this orange look?

Make sure you head over to The Lacquerologist to see what Emily has come up with!

If you want to see last years orange nails you can check them out here!


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