Wednesday, 2 October 2013

31DC2013 Roundup Post!

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Afternoon friends!

I still can't believe that the challenge is over and that I actually managed to finish it! For those of you not aware I finished the challenge this month while moving, starting Grad School, and working at a place where no nail polish is allowed. So I am pretty freaking proud of myself at the moment. In all honesty my blog will probably not be as active over the next little while. I need some time to catch up on other areas of work, and sleep more :P as well working 3-4 days a week doesn't allow me to enjoy wearing my designs as much as I would like.

But enough of that! Let's take a look at all the manicures that I managed to come up with over the last 31 days! If you click on each photo it will take you to the original post.

What are some of your favourites? I think mine would have to be Day 4: Green, Day 7: Black and White, Day 8: Metallic, Day 14: Flowers, Day 19: Galaxies, and Day 22: Inspired by a Song. Is 6 too many favourites to have? I could list more even :P Which manicures were YOUR favourite in the 31DC2013?!


  1. Way to awesome for words :) My fave is the metallic one :)

  2. All lovely! I hope to be able to participate next year!

  3. Your tribal nails are especially stunning, but each of your manis looked fabulous. I had a handful of manicure fails in my 31 Day Challenge.

  4. You had a number of manicures that really stood out to me during the challenge! Don't think I could pick a favorite. Well, ok, I did especially love your galaxies. Congrats for completing with so much going on! I completed it with two toddlers at home, does that compare?

  5. grats on finishing the challenge even through so much going on in your life! :)).

  6. Wow! Phew! Not only is the challenge a marathon for people with "normal" schedules - but to have done this with all of that going on in your life - holy cow - you deserve 2 medals! And what kind of awful place do you work at that doesn't allow colored nails - especially of your caliber!! Yikes, sorry about that. My fav's were your inspired by a color, inspired by a book, animal print & metallic. Nice job!!! Enjoy a few days of rest. :)

    1. oh gosh - and flowers. So no, 6 is not too many as I had a hard time narrowing it to 5! :)

  7. Congrats on finishing, I don't believe you managed to do it with so much else going on! I have really enjoyed following you on this challenge, you designs have been consistently complex and creative. My personal favourites are day 6, day 14 and day 26 :)


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