Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Nails Galore!

Hey Friends! I ended up doing a few of my friends and family's nails over the holidays so I thought I would share these all in one post with you :)

I did these on my friend Sam, she saw the gold snowflake stamping I did on myself and asked to have the same thing done on her! I used Essie Marshmallow and Essie Good As Gold with BM-313

I did these for my friend Heather! She just let me do whatever I wanted so I started with the cutest santa ever on her ring nails and then freehanded some red snowflakes over China Glaze Glistening Snow. Doesn't she have the most gorgeous long nail beds?! I wish my nails looked like that :)

I did these on my sister! Her dress for Christmas was a gorgeous blue so we decided on some blue skittles to match. The base is Essie Mesmerize, on her index the stamp is BM-313 and Pure Ice Silver Mercedes. Middle nail is a gradient of the two polishes, ring is a bunch of rhinestones and studs from Born Pretty Store and her pinky is Harlow & Co. Misfits. They matched her dress really well!

These are my nails! My original idea for Heather was to paint the same white snowflake on top of the red one, but we both liked the red snowflake so we left hers alone. I was wearing butter LONDON Fairy Cake alone and once I had finished hers I wanted to try it out on myself quickly. I had planned on adding to this the next day, but I used glue as my basecoat and my nails fell off before I could add anything!

What were you wearing on your nails over Christmas? I'll have my Christmas nails up hopefully later today! :)


  1. What a great post. Bet that was fun.

  2. All of them are absolutely beautiful! I especially like those adorable santas :D You have some very lucky friends! ;)

  3. Great designs, what an adorable little Santa!

  4. How fun! Your family and friends got some fab manis!!

  5. These are all fantastic! I love the little red santa with the red snowflakes and silver base. So pretty!

  6. How nice you shared your talent! All of the art is beautiful. I think I like Heather's nails the best. For Christmas I wore a deep Red Polish with a topcoat of Silver Glitter. I think I am going to wear a pretty Blue Polish with a topcoat of Silver Glitter over it. (love the Glitter!) I might wear a new color I just got. It is a silver Holograph. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. i loveed my nails :) your the best!
    also my hands look funny, sorry i wasn't a better model lol
    lovee you

    1. love you too sis!
      your hands didn't look funny at all! <3


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