Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Pretty and Polished Holiday Selections

Pretty and Polished released their holiday collection a few weeks ago and I am so excited to share some of them with you today! These are all awesome so let's jump right into it!

Pretty and Polished Island of Misfit Toys

First up we have Island of Misfit Toys. Chels describes this as, "Island of Misfit Toys is gorgeous glitter topper with a plethora of shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes. This represents all of those amazing toys we have lost or forgotten over the years". It's pretty much awesome.

Pretty and Polished Island of Misfit Toys

There is so much glitter in here that you don't have to fish out for any of it. I would call this one and a half coats. I dabbed some extra glitter in a few places that I thought could used a little more. I layered this over China Glaze Blue Bells Ring (review coming soon), although this would look amazing over pretty much any base. What really separates this from other multi coloured glitters is the different shapes and sizes of the glitter. The various shards and bars and hexes make this look really cool and set it apart from your other Happy Birthday glitter types.

Pretty and Polished Island of Misfit Toys
pretty and polished s'no mans land

Next we have S'no Mans Land. This is described as, "creamy velvet white polish packed with shiny satin white hex glitters and gorgeous sparkling iridescent glitters. Chels says this can be worn alone or over other lighter colours, but I was really interested to see how it would look over black, which is what I have shown here! This is just one coat with NYC Top Coat. I quite like this over black. It brings out the shimmery blueness in this polish, which makes it quite unique!

pretty and polished s'no mans land

pretty and polished love always, candy cain

Last up we have Love Always, Candy Cain. This is such a cute glitter topper! Chels' description is, "Love Always, Candy Cain is a tasty love letter of a polish. Sweet and enticing. You will find several shapes and sizes of white and red glitters in this clear base. No fishing required for these chunks of glitter." I love the various sizes of red and white glitter, and I layered this over Barielle Date Night to give this a super Christmasy feel.

pretty and polished love always, candy cain

My only complaint about this is that I did have to do a little fishing to get some of the larger glitters. I was only able to get one of the white hearts on my thumb. This would be about 1.5 coats as I did place some of the glitters. I have a mini bottle, so this might be resolved with a full sized bottle.

pretty and polished love always, candy cain

I quite like these picks from Pretty and Polished's Holiday Collection! I think Island of Misfit Toys takes the cake, but Love Always, Candy Cain is a close second for me. These are all in stock (at time of publication) and can be found on Pretty and Polished Etsy store for $8.00 US for a full 15mL bottle and $4.75 US for a 7mL mini bottle. Remember to like Pretty and Polished on Facebook and follow on Twitter to keep up with the latest news!

What are your favourites from these polishes?


  1. These are great polishes! The Rudolph movie is still a favorite of mine (even at 27!), so I love the Island of Misfit Toys!

    1. I agree! That movie is awesome! I will watch any Christmas movie. I love them all :)


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