Saturday 17 December 2011

Candy Canes

Hey all!

So I've been in the Christmas spirit lately and decided that I had to make sure my nails were looking christmasy! I always love candy canes and they feel so festive to me, so for my own nails I thought a candy cane design was in order. This was the final product!! [Instructions below :)]
Candy Cane Nails! 
In order to get these fantastic nails I used Sephora by OPI's High Maintenance, a white striper and Wet and Wild glitter polish called Hallucination. 

Polishes I used

The first step was putting on a good base coat! Right now I'm using Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base and Top coat. 

Once your base coat is dry do one or two coats of whichever red polish you choose to use. I chose High Maintenance because there is no glitter or extra sparkle in the polish which gives your candy cane a more realistic feel. Depending on which nail polish you use will determine how many coats you need to apply. Just make sure that the nail is fully covered :)

Let this completely dry. 

Now onto the stripes. 

Use a white striper and start in the bottom right corner of your nail. Then make two white stripes close together, leave some red space and then make two more white stripes close together. Repeat this until you run out of nail. I have found that it is easiest to hold the striper still and rotate your nail to get a nice straight stripe. Although sometimes making the stripe exactly straight can be rather difficult, generally only you will notice if there are imperfections so try not to worry about it :)

Once all your nails are looking delicious and the white stripes are dry take a glitter polish and just do a light coat over top of of your handiwork. The glitter is optional, but I find it gives it just enough shine for the holiday season! 

I am pretty pleased with the final result! It's festive and fun and perfect for the holiday season! 

Until next time,

Sincerely Stephanie

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