Saturday, 8 September 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 8: Metallic

Morning dolls! It's day 8 in the 31 Day Challenge and today's nails are metallic. I was struggling coming up with something that was different than normal metallic nails. So I was sitting at my desk yesterday wondering what could I do? This was my thought process, how about something metal instead of metallic. Because metal things are metallic right! Well, nails are metallic, what about rusty, bloody nails!

31 day nail art challenge metallic

Kinda gross right? But I had fun with them! And I think they for sure hit the mark of being different!

In order to get these bloody nails I started with my bare nail and used China Glaze Adventure Red-y to create the brushstrokes. I wiped as much of the polish off the brush as possible and then brushed in random strokes. Then I used a silver Pure Ice polish, honestly I'm blanking on the name mixed with China Glaze Stone Cold and my medium length striping brush to create the nails. Finally added a little definition on some of the nails with Stone Cold and voila!

31 day nail art challenge metallic
31 day nail art challenge metallic

They may not completely fit the metallic theme, but I think I explained it right? Right?! I've been wanting to do some bare nail nail art for awhile and I'm glad I could incorporate that today.

31 day nail art challenge metallic

Well, what's your opinion on these? Like em? Hate em? Let me know!

If you're looking for a different take on metallic nails, head over to The Lacquerologist and see what my awesome friend Emily has come up with!

8 days down! See you all back tomorrow for Rainbows! ;)


  1. These are hilarious! I don't know where you come with all of your ideas, but they are great!! Good job girl =)


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