Monday, 17 September 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 17: Glitter

Morning dolls!

I was a little stumped on todays theme. I mean glitter should be easy enough to do right? But then I couldn'd decide what kind of glitter, or what colour. Loose glitter or a glitter polish? So eventually I just decided to use a bunch of different glitters and threw together this manicure!

glitter nails

Not sure how much I like this, or if I even like it really at all, but it is glittery! I used Sephora by OPI Never Enough Shoes as my base on all nails but my ring finger. Then I added L.A. Girl Syngery on my index nail. My middle nail I added a coat of Icing Golden Age of Glitter and then sponged on Orly Luxe and Sally Hansen White On and finally added Alter Ego Gold Panner at the tip. My ring finger I used a base of Luxe and then added loose glitter from Dollar Tree in bronze, silver and gold. My pinky I sponged on a little Luxe and then added Color Club Gingerbread on the tip. On my thumb I just added Gingerbread concentrated more at the tip. Phew! That was a lot!

glitter nails
glitter nails

I'm feeling a little blah about these nails, but I guess you can't win them all? What do you guys think of this crazy mess of glitter nails?

glitter nails
glitter nails

Well, I don't have much more to say on these ones! They feel a little blah to me, so I guess that's all! My ring nail sure was sparkly! I think I liked that nail best :)

I'm suuuuppeerrr stoked about the half moon nails tomorrow though! So I'll see you all back here then!

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