Saturday 15 September 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 15: Delicate

Afternoon ladies! I'm sorry this post wasn't at the usual 6:30AM time. It was my boyfriends birthday yesterday and we went out and I had thought I had already scheduled this, but I remembered at about midnight that I hadn't! So here it is a little later in the day :D

Delicate Day. Honestly I have been dreading this day in the challenge. It seems so vague to me. Especially since it comes right after flowers, which can also be delicate. I eventually settled on starting with a delicate looking polish and seeing where my mind went from there. The one I settled on? Pretty and Polished Forever Rose.

delicate nails
delicate nails

This polish has been sitting in my drawers untried for far too long! It’s a beautifully delicate matte pink (see what I did there ;)) and the gold shimmer is really stunning, especially if you have any gold rings, this would be a perfect polish to pair with them. The above two photos are without top coat to show it matte, and the rest are with NYC In a Minute Top Coat. Continuing with my delicate theme I decided that I would add some floating feathers. I used It’s So Easy Stripe Rite White to create the feathers. The trick to getting them to look feathery is to have almost no polish on the brush when you are doing your swipes. This lets the brush do most of the work for you! Once I finished my feathers I wanted to tie them back into Forever Rose so I took a medium length striping brush and using piCture pOlish Goldfinger added a gold center to each feather and a few wisps of gold throughout them.

delicate nails
delicate nails

Well I think this looks pretty delicate to me! I’m not exactly sure what the prompt was really looking for, but I’ve stretched the limits on some of the other days prompts so if I’ve stretched it again, I’m ok with that.

delicate nails

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of delicate?

I’m dying to see what Emily of The Lacquerologist has come up with! So head over and find out! Emily has had some trouble with her blog recently, so check out her Facebook page and Tumblr page as well!

15 down!!! Only 16 more to go! We’re pretty much halfway through! Wooo!

See you tomorrow for some tribal nails


  1. WOW!! I am in love with this! Totally delicate and I love the colors you chose. I really want to try this one I get a little better with nail art! Great job!

  2. GORGEOUS! The feathers are beautifully done! Great color choices too! Love it <3

  3. Very pretty! I have this pp, and although I swatched it on like 2 fingers, I still consider it untried. I should pull it out!!! I love how the gold & pink look Matte.

    1. Agreeed! It is stunning matte! I should have mattifyed the whole thing again after I top coated!


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