Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My Entry for Wacky Laki Fashion Inspired Nail Art Contest

Afternoon ladies gents and lacquerheads!

I have some nails that I created for Wacky Laki's Fashion inspired nail art contest. I have only ever created fashion inspired nails once or twice so I really wanted to push myself to try and create something for her contest.

fashion nail art

These wacky nails were inspired by a dress Victoria Beckham was wearing. Here is the inspiration!

For this look I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Ion. Then using my medium length striping brush I created some blobs with Essence Off To Miami!. I used the same technique as if I was creating ikat print nails. Then I used It's So Easy Stripe Rite Black to add the black outline to each shape and some black speckled throughout each blob. Honestly at this point I thought it was going to be a total fail, but I kept going.

fashion nail art
fashion nail art

They looked like little hairy amoebas until I added the black lines using my striping polish. Once the lines were there I actually quite liked the final look!

fashion nail art

These were fun to create it actually really pushed my boundaries to create something fashion inspired! What do you think of these nails?

For this contest there is a public vote going on now over at Wacky Laki! There are some spectacular entries, some of these ladies really know how to take fashion and directly translate it onto their nails! You can vote for your favourite nails here.

Do you ever create nails inspired by fashion?


  1. Simply Gorgeous!!!!!! I love your nail creations!!!!!!

  2. This was a great recreation. I love her. What a fashion icon.

    1. She is awesome! It took me awhile to find a dress of hers I could adequatenely recreate haha

  3. Your nails look exactly like that dress, amazing job! :-)


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