Monday, 19 August 2013

Guest Post Megan of Will Paint Nails For Food

Good Morning friends and Happy Monday!

I hope you are all having a great start to your week today. We are still doing guest posts here on Sincerely Stephanie as I take a little more time to recharge before school starts in a few weeks! Today's guest poster is Megan of Will Paint Nails for Food. If you aren't already following Megan you need to start now! She is a fabulous nail artist and has gorgeous nail beds! Let's let Megan take is away!


Hi everyone! My name is Meghan and I blog at Will Paint Nails for Food. I’m very excited to be doing this guest post while Stephanie is on her much needed vacation. I’ve been following her blog for some time now and admiring her nail art, so I was extremely flattered when she asked me to do this.

Guest blog posts can be a tad stressful, and I went back and forth several times over what to do for this post. However, last week I received an order of polishes from Harlow & Co. including Femme Fatale Cloudburst, a polish that has been on my wish list for quite some time now. And luckily it didn’t disappoint.

Cloudburst has a sheer mint base with a golden shimmer, and a gorgeous mixture of neon pink, fuchsia, white, black and holographic gold glitter. I knew right away that I wanted to create some abstract patterns to go with the polish.

To get this look: I started with two coats of Pure Ice Home Run (pale mint crème) on all nails except the accent nail for which I used piCture pOlish Metallic Mush (pale gold metallic foil) as my base polish. On my pinky, index and thumb I used two coats of Cloudburst. I had to fuss a bit with the glitter but otherwise the application was great.

The abstract designs were done carefully with a detail nail art brush. I used Misa BreakAway (dark purple shimmer) and Metallic Mush for the design on my middle finger, and BreakAway, Sally Hansen Back to the Fuchsia (fuchsia shimmer), and Sally Hansen White On for my ring finger.

Other than some minor smearing when I applied my top coat (yikes!), I’m pretty happy with this design. I really wanted the abstract designs to complement the Femme Fatale polish.

What do you think of this design? Have you ever done nail art that is inspired by a polish?


This is fabulous! I love being inspired by a polish and Megan knocked it out of the park with this one! Make sure you head on over to Will Paint Nails For Food to follow this fabulous girl! Thanks so much again Megan for being here today!


  1. Wow, love how you layered designs on top of the gold, it gives so much depth!! This is such a fun design ♥xx

  2. Woah, this is amazing! Love the design on your middle finger <3

  3. Thanks for having me Stephanie! And thanks everyone for the sweet comments. :)

  4. Super cool nail art! Love the colours, love the art, love everything about this! Great job Meghan on yet again another inspiring nail art! :D ♥

  5. Gorgeous! Oh how I love square glitter!

  6. beautiful!! I often do looks inspired by a polish, so this is right up my alley! superb job :)

  7. Me lovesss! <3 <3 Meghan u are one creative gal!


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