Sunday, 11 August 2013

Guest Post Karen of Nail Call

Morning loves!

Hope you are all having a great Sunday! Today is the last day on the cruise and we don't get off the boat today, just cruise on through until we dock in Vancouver tomorrow morning. I'm assuming it's been a great week and I hope my guest posters have kept you entertained! Today's guest post comes from the lovely Karen of Nail Call! I had the pleasure of meeting Karen last fall and we instantly became friends. She's just a complete sweetheart and I loved getting to meet up with her! Let's let Karen take it away!


Hello all of Stephanie's lovely readers!

My name is Karen and I write a little nail art blog called Nail Call just "down the street" from Stephanie.
I'm so honoured that my friend & amazing blogger Steph asked me to do a guest post for her, because... she just, oh, I don't know... FINISHED HER HONOURS THESIS!!! Holy crap girl good for you!! And now she wants a vacation, sheesh!!

Just kidding, you deserve it! :)

For my guest post I wanted to create a look inspired by Steph, and I kept thinking of a conversation we had over twitter regarding water coloured manis (THIS mani of hers to be exact). I wasn't feeling the red at the moment, so I pulled out the summer brights!

Here's my first Watercolour mani:

I started with a simple base of Zoya Jacqueline and top coat (top coat is important here because the next step will involve acetone). Next I lightly dabbed/dotted the following shades one at a time: Chain Glaze For Audrey, Chain Glaze Peachy Keen, Essie Action, and Zoya Pippa. After each dot was created I dipped a random (and super cheap) paint brush into acetone and let the acetone flow into the dot I had made. I repeated until the nail was full, added a final coat of top coat and done.

Thank you everyone for reading, and thank you Steph for letting me guest post for you.

Bye for now & enjoy your vacation!


PS feel free to come over & say hello at Nail Call too :)


Karen you are too kind! I love watercolour manis and this one is just fabulous! Thanks so much for being here today and if you aren't already you should head over and follow at Nail Call!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend lovely folks!


  1. Thank you so much for having me on your blog Stephanie! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!

  2. This turned out really beautiful! I'm happy to have discovered your blog through Stephanie, Karen!


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