Friday, 17 May 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does BLING! 18K Gold with Chains

Press Sample Purchased by Me

Afternoon friends!

Today is the last day in the Digit-al Dozen's BLING week! I'm sad this week is coming to a close, it has been so fun creating crazy blingy manicures. You all know this won't be the last bling that you see from me! Todays nails aren't necessarily insanely bling, but they involve 18K Gold and some hawt chains so I think they fall into the bling category!

These are so bold and in your face I LOVED wearing them. They were so luxurious and fun and totally out of this spring season. So me and I never wanted to take them off!

On my thumb and ring nail I started with the fabulous OPI Innie Minnie Mighty Bow and then added a coat and a half of Zoya Gilty. I dabbed a few extra flakes where I wanted them to get the effect I was going for. On my index and middle nail I started with Cult Nails Tempest and then added the black dots and stripes with Cult Nails Fetish. On my pinky nail I just used Fetish as another accent nail. I felt like there was enough going on in the manicure already lol.

These bold in your face manicures are so me and I am loving what these chains can do! Would you ever wear anything like this?! You can pick up these chains here at Born Pretty Store for $2.99 for 100cm of chain. You'll never run out it's so much! Also remember to use my 10% off code SA7 X31

Hope you are having a great Friday and have a lovely long weekend! I'm home for the weekend and my sister is coming home from school! I haven't seen her since Christmas so I'm super excited!

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  1. I love it! They are definitely bold and blingy!

  2. Super pretty! I love chains on nails :)

  3. These look so hottt!

  4. I love the pointer finger - the finish on those dots is so awesome!

  5. I just ordered Mentality 24kt Gold top coat...can't wait to get it so I can bling out a mani too lol. I have a question...on the little chain hard is it to cut the desired length? Can you cut it with scissors or do you have to use something sturdier? Ok that was 2 questions lol. Lovely mani!

    1. I've cut mine with scissors but find using cuticle nippers to ease open one of the links works better.

    2. I just use regular scissors! I did measure the chain against my nails before I cut them down to make sure I had an appropriate length :)

  6. My dear, you have made me bling-proud!

  7. this totally reminds me of versace for some reason, maybe the red and gold - but it totally looks like something they would rock on the runway - love it!

  8. Yes, this is definitely blingy ;-) Good work! :-)

  9. It is not something that fits my personality, but it looks fab on you. My favorite part is the rubbery black dots.


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