Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Geometric Challenge Day 8: 3D

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Evening ladies and gents!

I may be late, but here I am catching up with the rest of the Geometric Challenge! Today I'll be sharing Day 8 which is 3D nails! There are a whole lot of awesome options in 3D nail art and I am no stranger to putting crazy things on my nails. I had just received this awesome set of microbeads from Born Pretty Store and was dying to use them so decided to do my 3D nail art using them!

3D nail art

I had also just received an awesome package from Cult Nails with Cult Nails Fetish, a black wax finish polish and Cult Nails I Got Distracted which is that marvelous glitter you see on my nails there.

3D nail art3D nail art

For my 3D nail I started with a black creme and then added Sephora by OPI Never Enough Shoes to just a little extra something. Then I started adding small strips of slow drying top coat and using a fine dotting tool and water picked up each steel ball and placed it on my nail creating the green square pattern. Then I went back with some royal blue microbeads and added one in the center of each square. I thought it was too much for this to be on every nail, not to mention waaaaaay too time consuming so I stuck with the middle nail accent and let Fetish and I Got Distracted do the rest of my talking ;)

3D nail art
3D nail art

I quite like how dark these are on my little nails. I always love really vampy or dark polishes and looks when I have super shorties. Side note in reality my nails are even shorter than this right now. I had some baaaad breaks where on one my my nails it was so bad it could not even retain its square shape. Hopefully they grow a teeny bit soon!

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  1. WOW! Now that took patience!

  2. Your patience is amazing to me! Unbelievable! Welcome back to the challenge! <3

  3. Yes, I don't even know if I have the patience for that!! Looks incredible!

    1. whaaaaaat?! No way you have the craziest nail art patience! thanks!

  4. wow that looks like a lot off work!! It's very pretty!!

  5. Gorgeous manicure! :-) I adore working with beads and you really need a lot of patience, but the results are great, like this one! :-)

    1. thanks! beads are my favourite too! so much fun to work with :)


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