Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Where Have I Been?!

Hey Everyone!

I'm still here! I'm sorry for my prolonged absence, I did not mean to be away from my blog for this long! I have had a lot going on in school and life the past little while and just have not had the time to devote to blogging that I normally do. It's been for good reasons though! I have some exciting personal things happening :) I'm going to try to get my Geometric Challenge posts up soon and I promise I will have the winner of my Skittles Nail Art Contest up later today!

I do miss interacting with all of you awesome ladies and gents, but I hope you all understand that life does get in the way sometimes! I'll be back later today with some hopefully awesome content for all of you wonderful people. :)

I also came up with this cute signature what do you all think ;)


  1. The signature is so cute! Everyone understand that exciting real life things get in the way sometimes =p

  2. No worries. I follow your blog because I love your nails but also the similarities between my daughter and you are uncanny. Midterms right now for her sometimes too busy to eat so I understand where you are coming from and appreciate you taking the time to check in. Take care my Fav blogger and love the signature :-)

  3. No worries, we are all still here! And the signature is perfect for you :)

  4. What font did you use for your signature?

    1. I used Reklame Demo its the same font as my banner and watermarking :D


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