Wednesday 27 February 2013

Winner of Sincerely Stephanie's Skittles Nail Art Contest

Gooooooood Afternoon my loves!

I have the winner of my Skittles Nail Art Contest to finally share with you! I apologize it took a little longer than I had anticipated to get a winner selected, but my life got in the way of blogging for a while as I said here.

This contest was ridiculously hard to judge. There were SO many talented entrants and some absolutely beautiful manicures that I am totally going to be replicating in the future. Myself and he judges went back and forth a few times narrowing it down from our top 10, to 5 to 3 and eventually one 1. It was quite a challenge, but we eventually agreed on a winner! I really wish I could have given out more prizes, but I am a student on a very limited budget so unfortunately it's just the one this time.

So drumroll pleassseeee.....

The winner is...

Jessie from Nailed It NZ!

The judges and I loved her creativity and her execution was perfect. I'll be replicating these some day for sure! I want to thank EVERYONE who took part in this contest, you all did some amazing manicures.

I hope to have a contest like this again someday :) Have a great day ladies and gents!


  1. Aww congrats to Jessie!! She so deserved to win :)

  2. Congratulations to Jessie :-)

  3. Yay, thanks again Stephanie! :D

  4. Wow Jessie did an amazing job on those and yes, very creative! It was a fun contest, look forward to you having another one day :)

  5. Congrats, Jessie!!

  6. congrats, very pretty disigns!

  7. Congratulations to Jessie, I like her skittles manicure! :-)


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