Thursday, 28 February 2013

Geometric Challenge Day 10: Recreate

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Goooooood Morning!

Today is the LAST day in the Geometric Challenge and I'm finishing on timeeee! Wadddup! Today's challenge is to recreate a manicure that another participant did. I did something a little different. There were SOOO many amazing manicures that my challenge buddies came up with I couldn't pick just one. Instead I picked 10 of my favourites and one different colour scheme and using my new colour scheme I recreated all 10 of their techniques on my nails!

geometric nail art

I went with a white, black, purple, blue and silver holographic glitter colour scheme and then just went to town picking my favourites.

geometric nail art
geometric nail art

Excuse my right hand as it has no idea how to pose lol. The wonderful Emily of The Lacquerologist made an awesome Pinterest Board with all of our manicures that made it super easy to browse through and pick out 10 amazing ones. There were waaay more then 10 manicures that I fell in love with, I originally bookmarked 15 last night, but eventually narrowed it down to 10 that stood out to me.

geometric nail art
geometric nail art
The polishes that I used for this manicure are, OPI My Boyfriend Scales The Walls, Essie Jamaica Me Crazy, Avon Suede Blue Royale, China Glaze Glistening Snow and black creme. I used my medium length striping brush and my teeny cut down nail art brush to do all the detail work as well as a dotting tool.

geometric nail art
geometric nail art

I'll run through what nail was inspired by who, starting with my left hand,
Thumb - Whitney of Dressed Up Nails Day 1 Square
Index - Alexis of XOXO Alexis Leigh Day 1 Square
Middle - Brittney of Precious Polish Day 6 Bent
Ring - Victoria of Manicurator Day 8 3D
Pinky - Emily of The Lacquerologist Day 5 Straight

And now moving onto the right hand,
Thumb - Brittney of Precious Polish Day 7 Polygon
Index - Emily of The Lacquerologist Day 9 Mix and Match
Middle - Whitney of Dressed Up Nails Day 3 Triangle
Ring - Lindsey of Neverland Nail Blog Day 5 Straight
Pinky - Alexis of XOXO Alexis Leigh Day 6 Bent

geometric nail art
geometric nail art

I have such teeny nails right now, if I had to file them any lower they would be bleeding, so I hope you like them even though they are supaaa tiny! ;)

geometric nail art

I absolutely LOVE these nails and am headed back home for the weekend today so I'll be wearing these for the next 4 days :) I plan on enjoying the hell outta them!

This challenge was soooooo much fun! Even though I was late a few times I still loved creating all of my manicures and was constantly blown away by my amazing challenge buddies! They completely knocked it out of the park! These nails are proof positive of all their amazing creativity. I'm for sure going to miss this challenge, but make sure you head over to all their blogs and check out what they decided to recreate!

Victoria of Manicurator
Emily of The Lacquerologist
Whitney of Dressed Up Nails
Lindsey of Neverland Nail Blog
Alexis of XOXO Alexis Leigh
Brittney of Precious Polish

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  1. These are so, so awesome! I love all of the designs you chose, and the picture of both of your hands together just shows how PHENOMENAL they look together! Enjoy them, because I'm sure you put in a lot of work to do them!! =) Great job with the Challenge Steph!!! <3

    1. THANK YOU! You guys came up with so many amazing designs I couldn't narrow it down <33

  2. And PS: I think your shorties look adorable =)

  3. I was literally oohing at every nail! Especially love the left thumb. And the color scheme - so classy! Love it!!

  4. So much job to do here and you did it in the best way possible! Great manicure! My favourites are your thumb nails :-)


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