Sunday, 6 January 2013

Top 12 Nail Art Posts of 2012

Helloo dear friends!

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I posted and this is just my first post of the new year! I have been lucky enough to live at home for the past 5 months and today I packed up and moved back to school! So I spent the past week just enjoying spending time with my family and my wonderful boyfriend. But classes start tomorrow and I'm going to get back into a regular posting schedule :) I hope none of you mind my little blogging break. I have a number of posts to catch up on but first I am going to share with you my top 12 nail art posts of 2012!

#12:Rattle rattle hiss hiss...
This was one of the first manicures I did that got some attention in the blogosphere and I was really proud of it! My nails are insanely long and I've come a long way in photography and hand positions, but I still love these nails!

#11:Bullion Bows
These were really simple, but I loved the effect and the simplicity. I can see this look working in a number of colours!

I did these nails when I went to my first baseball game of the year for my favourite Toronto Blue Jays! I'm still very proud of the execution of these nails.

#9:Jelly Gradient Sandwich (+ Tutorial)
I did this in July and it took off as one of my most looked at posts. I still want more jellies so I can do more of these :)

#8:Tribal Nails
These were my 31 day challenge tribal nails and I loved the 80's vibe that I came up with. I was also really happy with the small lines I was able to achieve.

#7:Olympic Fever
I LOVED the Olympics! I was absolutely addicted to them. Any sport at all I would watch. It was wonderful. And these were really fun to do.

#6:Skulls and Boys Toys
These abstract nails were ones that I particularly enjoyed wearing. I did these on both hands and kept them on for a few days! Abstract skittles have to be one of my favourite kinds of nails to wear.

#5:Inspired by a Book: Shel Silverstein
I did these for the inspired by a book day in the 31 day challenge, and I am really proud of how I got these guys to look!

#4: The Cutest Santa's Ever (+ Tutorial)
These have to be my favourite Christmas themed nails I did, they are just incredibly cute!

#3:A Snowman and Some Flakes
These were also holiday themed, but I love the detail I managed to get on the snowman and that all the flakes were different.

#2: A Literal Half Moon
I did these during the 31 day challenge and just loved the outcome. The astronaut and the rocketship were so much fun to do and I had a ball making these.

#1: Olympic Balance Beam
These are my absolute favourite nails that I did this year. Something about these just won out my heartstrings.

What were you're favourite nails I did this year? Do you think I missed one in my top 12? I am really excited for what 2013 is going to bring to Sincerely Stephanie and I can't wait to share it all with you fantastic people!

I hope you had a wonderful new years and that your first few days of 2013 have been great. :) Love you all!


  1. Wow, every single one of these is awesome! My favourites are the snake skin and the gradient jelly sandwich- such a great idea! Can't wait to see more from you this year :D

  2. These are all AH-MAY-ZING! You're so talented!!

  3. I love your 12, 5, and 2, but there was a whole lot of goodness last year.


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