Thursday, 22 March 2012

Deboprah Lippmann Bad Romance vs. Revlon's Scandelous Dupe Comparison

Morning dears!

Today I have another dupe comparison for you. I'll be comparison Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance with Revlon's Scandelous. Scandelous was originally released under the name Facets of Fuchisa. Scandelous is the exact same polish, Revlon just rereleased it under a new name.

First up the bottles

In the bottles these two look almost identical. Bad Romance looks like it has more concentrated small pieces of glitter, but that could be a result of the glitter sticking to each other and might be solved by some serious shaking.

I applied two coats of Bad Romance and Scandelous on my index and middle fingers and then one coat of each over Wet an Wild's Black Creme on my ring and pink fingers.

With Flash
On the nail there are a few differences. Scandelous has more of a jelly formula than Bad Romance, so the glitter stands out a little more. It seems to me that the glitter in Scandelous is a little brighter as well.

For these swatches I didn't try to fish out the glitter, I wanted to see what the polish did on its own. Bad Romance is for sure one of those glitters that will require a little bit of fishing to get the big hex glitter onto your nail.

  In the sunglight I noticed the same. They look a little different, but if you spend the time to fish out the glitter from Bad Romance I think they would be exactly the same. 

Application wise, they were very similar. I actually prefer Scandelous to Bad Romance, the glitter comes through nicely and thr $4.47 price tag sure as hell beats the $18 Bad Romance costs. If you are lemming Bad Romance, I would say you can kill that lemming with Scandelous.

Which one do you prefer?

Sincerely Stephanie


  1. Wow, this is a great comparison. I definitely like the Revlon better and the price is a bonus because I'm not paying $18 for one polish!

    1. aww thanks! :) The Revlon is way better, I can honestly say I will reach for it everytime over Bad Romance.

  2. I have to agree with what you are saying based on your swatches. Revlon does indeed look nicer than DL! It's not at the top of my list, but I certainly wouldn't mind owning this beauty :)

    1. I know right! I was surprised, but I'm really happy that I picked up the Revlon!

  3. DL loops a lot more goopy than revlons


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