Thursday, 15 March 2012

White Orange and Green Oh My!

Today I have another St. Patrick's day themed mani to show you. For this one I took my inspiration from just Irish things, but mainly the flag. I wanted to only use white, orange and green.


I started with China Glaze White on White on all my nails except my thumb, which has a base coat of Revlon's Posh. Then I used my smallest nail art brush to write "Kiss Me I'm Irish" on my thumb. I used a large dotting tool and Essie's Vermillionaire and Posh to create the lips on my index nail. I used Posh and a large dotting tool to create the four leaf clover on my middle nail. On my ring finger I used a striping brush and Posh and Vermillionaire. My pinky was a complete accident. I had originally done a Celtic knot in orange and green, and I think it actually looked really good! Then as I was trying to fill in one area my hand slipped and I had a giant streak through my knot! So I just grabbed a fan brush and tried to blend the colours together to make a flag that was just turned the other way. 



What do you think of my flag inspired design? Do you have any big plans for St. Patrick's Day?

Sincerely Stephanie

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