Friday, 16 March 2012

St. Patrick's Green Machine!

Morning dears! 
YAY it's Friday! And it's St. Patrick's Day tomorrow! Are you getting excited? St. Patty's has always been something a little special to me. I started Irish dancing when I was small and for many many many years St. Patty's would mean getting up early, hopping on a bus and going from pub to pub dancing for rather intoxicated people lol. It was awesome we ate candy on the bus all day and after 12 hours of dancing we collapsed. I loved it when I was little. Well onto my mani! 

I tried the watercolour technique, but with ALL GREEN! 


I started with OPI's Stranger Tides which is a light dusty green. Then I used the following polishes in order:
Revlon's Posh
China Glaze Gaga For Green
Revlon's Emerald City
Essie's Mint Candy Apple
Essence Lime Up! 


There are a couple great tutorials out there especially this one on Beauty Geeks. All you have to do is paint your nails a base colour and seal that with top coat. Then do little drops of colour onto your nail and take a brush dipped in acetone and dab at your dots. This will spread the colour making it look like watercolour paints. You can do it in any colour combination and it gives a really interesting effect!


After I had done the watercolour I thought it could use a little more St. Patty's bling. Since Essence's Space Queen was sitting on my desk I did one coat of that on both my ring finger and thumb. Then I took a large dotting tool and used China Glaze White on White to create a four leaf clover. Then took a slightly smaller dotting tool and Posh and made a clover inside the white one.



I really like Space Queen on top of the watercolour and wish I had done that one all my nails and left the clover alone, but overall I'm a fan. It kind of reminds me of army print.

Have you ever tried the watercolour method? What colours did you use?

Sincerely Stephanie

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