Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Super Mega Crazy Don't Count the Bottles Haul

Hey All!
If you've been reading my posts I mentioned last week that my sister was coming home for Spring Break and she was bringing me oodles and oodles of polish.

*WARNING* This is a mega haul. I mean MEGA. If you are uncomfortable seeing extremely large quantities of bottles of nail polish in one post then I would suggest you stop reading. If you are an insane polish lover like me then what are you waiting for!? Scroll down to see my goodies!

First up the wonderful Kitty from Kitty Polish and Bags sent me all five Finger Paints Special Effects!!

Honestly I don't remember which ones are which any more, but they are all there!!
The Hungry Asian's Holiday 2011 Collection: Lucy's Jingle Jangle, Sneeze Breeze, I Hate Pink and Sea Creature

Crackle Metals Collection: Cracked Medallion, Oxidized Aqua, Haute Metal, Latticed Lilac, Tarnished Gold

What weren't there 6 in this collection? Why yes there are. When I recieved my package I had 2 bottles of Latticed Lilac and no Platinum Pieces. When I asked the seller about this on eBay he said to keep the extra bottle and he'll send me Platinum Pieces no charge!

Shape of My Heart, Sweet Dreams, Shake Your Groove Thing, Mermaid's Dream, Candy Shop

My precioussssss. These are so beautiful I am already in love with them so much. I mentioned on twitter, but I bought these on a whim on eBay one day. I went to ending soonest and with 15 minutes left no one had bid on these pretties and the minimum was $50 with free shipping! So I put down a max bid of exactly $50 thinking someone else would swoop in at the last minute, but I was ok with that. NO ONE ELSE BID! Maybe they didn't realize that 2 of these are brand new and the other three are gorgeous, but it just blew my mind. 

China Glaze: Gaga For Green, Gothic Lolita and Tinsel Town

I won Gaga For Green and Gothic Lolita on twitter and Tinsel town was another eBay buy. 

Essie: Knockout Pout, Demure Vixen, Vermillionaire, Haute as Hello, Miss Matched, Pretty Edgy

This was another eBay buy. Saw it for $18 for all 6 and I couldn't resist. Plus they are all the salon 15mL size and not 13.5mL! I lucked out!

Lacquistry: I Wear My Jewely on My Nails, Golf Socks, Cotton Candy

These are awesome. I can't wait to wear them.

Nail the B.Y.T.C.H.: Pretty Slick Bytch, Caught in Candy

Again these are fantastic. 

Pretty and Polished: Jawbreaker, Swing, Chelsea Chelsea Bling Bling, Party on my Yacht, Midnight Rider

I wish I could have afforded full size bottles of all of these beauties

Sally Hansen: Pixel Pretty, Mary Kay: Coral Stone, Borghese: Che Bella Red, Cherimoya: Purple Gala

Orly: Rock-It, All that Glitters: Very Peacock-ish

Essence: Glamorous Life, Let's Get Lost, Wanna Be Your Sunshine, Modern Romance, Walk of Fame, Lime Up!, You Belong to Me

Essence: A Lovely Secret, Walk of Fame, Choose Me!, Where is the Party?, Space Queen, Luxury Secret, Nude it!

I picked these Essence's up at my local Shoppers which now carries them! YAY! They are pretty fantastic and I've used a couple and the formula is awesome! I already want them all.

Revlon: Hot for Chocolate, Mistletoe, Tuscan Sun, Appletini-Fizz, Midnight Affair, Fire Fox

Wow this was well A LOT! I have already swatched them all onto nail wheels and am creating super awesome color combinations! Plus I will be swatching as I go through them :)

Hope you enjoyed my crazy long post!!

Sincerely Stephanie


  1. Wow! That was a HUGE haul! Awesome luck on the Lippmans. Can't wait to see Candy Shop- I've been lemming it.

    Oh, and I feel the same about Essence- I'm so happy I can get them in Canada now. They're so cute, and I love that the bottle caps are coloured.

    Thanks for sharing this! I love bottle pics.

    1. I know! I'm SO stoked on Essence. It makes things so much better haha. Where in Canada are you from!?

      I'll keep posting my haul pics for you then :D Although might not be for awhile I'm putting myself on a nobuy after this haha

  2. whhooo-eee!!! I'm so excited for you, I bet you can't wait to put it all on!!!!!

  3. I love haul posts :) I am so jealous. Why do I do this to myself?


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