Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Elemental Styles 92 Yellow Cake

Morning dears!

Today I have a seriously cool polish to show you, let me present Elemental Styles

92 Yellow Cake!


I have a ton of pictures of this, so keep reading after the jump to see more and read my review!

Elemental Styles polish is made by the lovely blogger turned polish maker Whitney from Elemental Styles. Yellow Cake is a new polish from Whitney's new collection Actinides.
Here is Whitney's description of the polish directly from her release post,

"Yellow Cake is a yellow-based semi-textured polish that includes some fine yellow and white glitters! And it glows in the dark! This polish goes on opaque in 2-3 coats and dries a little matte (I wouldn't call it a matte polish, but it's not super shiny either!). This polish is named for a form of uranium oxide nicknamed yellow cake, uranium being the 92nd element!"



Her description is pretty spot on. My swatches are 3 thin coats, and there was still a little bit of VNL. I think this would be awesome for layering over a number of colours. The VNL is much more noticeable in these pictures than it was IRL. I was a little dissapoinnted that the micro yellow and white glitters got lost under the base, but it provides a really interesting texture and for that reason I left it without a topcoat. I'm a huge fan of of the finish as well. I think I would call it a frosty-semi-matte. This polish isn't a frost by any means, but I think the partial matte finish is giving me the illusion that with a topcoat it would seem frosty.



The colour is completely awesome as well. I don't own a ton of yellows, even though outside of polish it is my favourite colour. For some reason I can never find one that just speaks to me. This one spoke. This colour yellow is really close to what my room used to be when I was young. Without the glitter or texture lol.

Now for the awesome surprise of this polish. IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!

 How awesome is that? Unfortunately it looks like I didn't do an amazing job cleaning up because the little bits that I couldn't see IRL around my nails are suddenly super evident in this photo.



I found in order to get the polish to really glow I had to charge my nails for a few seconds and then shut the lights and take the pictures in complete darkness. It was really cool to see just how much my nails were glowing! I did not alter the colour of any of the glow in the dark images. This was true to glow!

A while back I saw that Sarah from Chalkboard Nails had stamped over a glow in the dark polish and the effect was incredibly cool. Since I have yet to start stamping I freehanded a little design using my black striper.


That took me about 3 minutes to freehand, I just wanted it to be quick so I could see it glowing again! Here is the epicness.


And here is my absolute favourite photo,


Being able to see my thumb glowing there just makes me giddy! I am loving this so much!

Yellow Cake can be purchased from Elemental Style's Etsy shop. It is $7.50 for a full 15mL bottle or $4.00 for a mini 5mL bottle. All her polishes are 3-free, the ingredients are listed right on the bottle so you know exactly what you are getting. She is currently in stock with the mini bottle of Yellow Cake. In addition to Yellow Cake she has a number of absolutely gorgeous polishes. I honestly want them all. I picked up 2 more when I purchased this one and will she showing you them soon!

What do you think of this polish? Love or hate the glow?

I'm going to leave you with some glowing bottle goodness :)

Sincerely Stephanie



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