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11 Questions Tag x2!

So in the past week I have been tagged by a number of bloggers for a few different awards. There are a lot of share things about yourself, so I've split them up and will respond to some today and tomorrow afternoon along with my regularly scheduled posts in the morning! I'm going to start with...

11 Questions Tag x2!

I was tagged for the 11 Questions by both Ryan from Dream a Little Dream of Polish and DragonLady from Dragon Lady Nails.

Here are the Rules:

  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
  2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, plus add eleven questions for the people you have tagged to answer
  3. Choose eleven people & link them to your blog
  4. Go to their page and tell them
  5. No tag backs
  6. You legitimately have to tag
11 Things About ME:
  1. I'm a speed reader. Essentially I read ridiculously fast and can still comprehend things. My friends say they don't like to look at my eyes when I read because they move back and forth too fast.
  2. I was an international level Irish Dancer. I would go overseas a few times a year to compete and competed at the World's twice but qualified 4 times.
  3. I've won two provincial titles for curling.
  4. If you can't tell by the Canadian flag on my sidebar and the fact that I'm a curler I am a proud Canadian :)
  5. I'm currently in school to get a degree in Geomatics and want to become a GIS Technician. It's ok if you don't know what that is, hardly any of my friends or family do. Essentially it's very technical and I do a lot of scripting and spatial analysis.
  6. I was born on December 31st at 9:30pm.
  7. I have 2 dogs at home. A husky named Shila and a Golden Retriver named Lacey. They are awesome.
  8. When I first meet people I can be incredibly shy. I don't open up until I know you, but my closest friends think I'm a little crazy.
  9. I used to have a bit of an obsession with headbands. Then I got bangs and realized I looked like a 5 year old when I wear them lol.
  10. My favourite colours are yellow and purple. But my favourite colour on my nails is blue.
  11. I'm pretty tall, like 5'9". I enjoy being tall most of the time
Ryan's Questions:
  1. In the age of blogs, do you still subscribe to/read magazines?
    Nope! I used to read Cosmopolitan every month when I lived with my sister and she had a subscription, but I don’t personally have any. This is partly because I move every 4 months right now and it is really hard to change addresses and I am a poor student and prefer to spend my money on polish!
  2. Are you dog or cat person? or maybe another animal or no pets at all??
    DOGS! I mentioned I have two awesome dogs above. My golden is probably the sweetest, best dog ever and my husky is a total PITA. But she happens to be stunning so she gets away with a lot lol.
  3. Do you like to travel? Where have you been? What's been your favorite locale?
    When I was younger I traveled to Europe a few times a year to compete at international dance competitions. I mainly went to Ireland and England and often for very short periods of time. Other than that I have been all over the States and down the Mexico once on a cruise. I enjoyed travelling, but the majority of my travelling was for competing so I didn’t really have a ton of time to sightsee.
  4. Does your significant other (if you have one) support your love for polish/blogging?
    Yes he does! I have an absolutely incredible boyfriend who knows more about nails and nail polish than the average girl probably with the amount I ramble on about it. I asked him once if it bothers him and his response was if it makes you happy then I love it. He’s a keeper for sure!
  5. What is your favorite movie?
    Well I just saw The Hunger Games recently and that movie blew my mind. It was epic. My all time favourite movie though is A Beautiful Mind. I probably watch it once a month or so.
  6. Mac or PC?
    MAC! I love my Mac so much. I just have a Macbook but I can’t wait until one day when I can get an iMac.
  7. Where's your favorite place to shop?
    Well I can’t afford much being a university student, so I generally shop at places like Forever 21 or Winners. I am always on the look out for a sale and a bargain!
  8. What nail polish brand would you choose over all others?
    Oh my. I think I own the most OPI. I really like the formula on them, but all the indie polishes that have taken the world by storm, hmmm yup I’m still going to go with OPI on this one.
  9. What is the 1 beauty product you can't live without?
    Hmm, I should say nail polish here, but since I used to have my nails unpainted and survived then, I guess I will go with concealer. I can tend to have bags under my eyes even when I get a good night sleep, so even if I wear no makeup I tend to swipe on a little bit.
  10. What could you not live without?
    My family. I am really close with my family and they are really important to me. No matter what happens in life they are always there to love and support me and have helped me make some tough choices.
  11. What is your favourite purple nail polish?
    Hmmm. I am loving
    Nail the B.Y.T.C.H's Fruity Cutie Butte right now.
Dragon Lady's Questions:
  1. How big is your polish horde? Do you think it is big enough?
    I have around 230 polishes. No it’s not big enough haha. It probably should be, but I am always wanting more. It’s called an addiction for a reason lol
  2. How long have you been blogging for?
    I have been blogging since December 2011. I didn’t really start blogging consistently until middle of January 2012, but I did start it in December.
  3. What is your favorite type of polish? (Crème, glitter, jelly, crème with glitter, flakies, holo, color shifting, etc)
    This is hard. I love glitters If I am simply wearing one polish. However crèmes are amazing for doing nail art, and I love me some nail art. I am also a sucker for polishes with a hint of shimmer.
  4. One polish/trend/collection/finish that everyone else seems to love but you don't
    I would have to say Magnetics. They look ok to me, but I have yet to buy one and no ones swatches have convinced me that they are the best things ever yet.
  5. What shape and length do you like your nails?
    I like my nails square with a couple mm of free edge. Not super long, but not nubbins either.
  6. Konad or nail art or both?
    Nail art! I have not tried stamping yet. I’ve always enjoyed drawing and nail art is just that with smaller canvases!
  7. What’s your favorite thing to find or read on a nail blog?
    I love looking at the pictures of gorgeous manicures obviously, but I also really enjoy when people tell stories about themselves, because it’s the person that makes me keep coming back to the blog, not just the pictures.
  8. Name the best hand lotion or cuticle cream you have used.
    Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream! Hands down my favourite cuticle cream to use.
  9. How many frankens have you made?
    I made one, but it was a giant fail. Lol
  10. Nail polish jewelry - Yay or nay?
    I like it! I don’t own or have made any yet, but I think it is really pretty and can give something totally unique to your outfit.
  11. Is your polish addiction a recent or ongoing problem love?
    I guess it is pretty recent. I started doing nail art on myself in September 2011 when I was bored at school, and my friends always kept commenting on how much they loved my nails. So that is why I started my blog, to have a record of what I’ve done on my little canvases.
Here are the questions I have for you!

  1. Outfit of the day?
  2. What's your favourite part about blogging?
  3. Nail art, Konad, or just polish?
  4. Do you have a custom ringtone on your phone?
  5. Are you named after anyone?
  6. Do you have a favourite guilty pleasure?
  7. What's your favourite place?
  8. What did you want to be when you were 5?
  9. What's your favourite movie?
  10. Your favourite drink?
  11. Fill in the blank: I feel most alive when_________
The lovely girls I am tagging!

Esther from Fab Fingertips
Emily from The Lacquerologist
Sammy from The Nailasaurus
Rie from Nails and Noms
Cristina from Let Them Have Polish!
Salla from OMG Polish 'Em
Goisa from Life in Color!
Michelle from Lab Muffin
Bethany from A Plethora of Nails
Kelsie from Kelsie's Nail Files
Lacey from Lace and Lacquers

I'm sorry if you have already been tagged! I didn't go through and check lol

I hope you all enjoyed learning more about me :)

Sincerely Stephanie


  1. I know what GIS is! I took a class in it last spring! =)

    1. That is awesome!! I'm so excited you know what it is! I'm such a huge GIS junky and nerd lol

  2. Love that you did Irish dancing. Always regretted not learning since I am Irish. I think it is amazing to watch.

  3. Doing this tomorrow! PS: we started blogging the same month/year :]

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my page :]
    <3 Lacey

  4. OMG i just love love love getting to know you more Steph....we seem a lot alike. and so crazy awesome weird that we started blogging the exact same month/year!!!! except that ur blog is totally kicking my blogs ass!!!! rightfully so since urs is so very amazeballs! thanks for taking the time to do this tag post girl! love you to pieces!

    1. Aww you are too sweet! Thanks so much darling! Love you too!


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