Sunday, 28 July 2013

Liquid Sand Gradients!

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Morning loves!

I have been getting so lost on what day it is lately. Now that I'm done my thesis, I'm hanging out at home with the fam getting things organized for my vacation and my new apartment this fall. So I am totally forgetting what day it is, because I really don't have a schedule anymore! It's quite lovely, actually. Yesterday I sketched out 4 canvases and painted one for my sisters apartment. She asked me to 'practice' for her before I make ones for my apartment! lol! It's fun, but my wrist is sore as I write this up. BUT you're here to see nail polish, so let's jump to it!

When I first got the OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand Collection I really wanted to try out a gradient. For this look I started out with OPI Honey Ryder the most fabulous multifaceted gold. I just love this polish. Then I sponged on OPI Vesper, a deep purple jelly with black sand pieces.I know I saw this combination somewhere before, but now I have no idea where lol.

This combination was really pretty, but I couldn't stand wearing it for more than about 15 hours lol. The texture on all my nails was a little too much for me I think. I love it as accents, but I think I prefer my nails smooth and maybe one or two accents of texture. Does anyone else feel this way?

Have you worn a textured gradient yet? Are you hopping on the textured bandwagaon? I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday! I plan on sleeping in and then going out for sushi with my boyfriend! Love you all! <3


  1. This is awesome! It is a fantastic combo and gradient! :)

  2. Enjoy the summer! School is about to start here in about 1.5 weeks (my husband is a teacher & starts Monday). So sad!

  3. Fantastic combination of colours! I love textured polishes and all the day when I wear them I feel like I have to touch my nails again and again... :-)

  4. I'm with you on texture as an accent only. It looks cool but all day sandpaper gives me the creeps!


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