Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Studded Accent with Born Pretty Store

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Evening friends!

I apologize for my week long absence, I spent all of last week buried in my books finishing the first draft of my thesis and then I headed home for the long weekend and completely forgot about blogging! I just enjoyed sitting by the pool and soaking up the sun with family. It's back to reality today though! My nails have actually been bare for over a week now, I know it's craziness!

Todays nails are a simple accent, but I always love this kind of look. I used LAVlacquer Cotton Candy Sweet As Gold on all my nails except my accent. You can see my full review of this polish here.

On my middle nail I pulled out these studs from Born Pretty Store and used the pink and green ones. I alternated colours and stuck them down with nail glue to make sure that they would hold for awhile. I used these tweezers to pick up and place the tweezers, which was incredibly easy!

I'm easing back into doing my nails with this look after a week of nothing! What do you think of it?
You can purchase these studs here for $4.89! Also remember to use my 10% off code SA7 X31 to get even more savings. The tweezers can be purchased here for $2.40. Hope you're having a great night!


  1. Such a pretty mani!! Love the combo!

  2. Fun mani! I like the studs but I always end up picking them off, lol.

  3. Not sure how I feel about the studs but your application was flawless! I do love the polish! :)

  4. amazing mani <3 love the color combo :)


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