Saturday, 23 June 2012

Abstract Nail Art Challenge Day 12: Watermarble

It's Day 12 of the Abstract Nail Art Challenge!! I can't believe there is only a week left in June! Where has the time gone? The theme in todays challenge is Watermarble. Me and the watermarble have come a loooong way in my journey through the nail world. A few months ago I used to attempt them, trying all different types of water and different types of polishes and NOTHING would work. The polish wouldn't spread and then I couldn't draw a design and I would end up spending hours getting frustrated and usually end up crying. Yes I know that sounds pathetic. During the last challenge that I did I finally did my first semi successful marble! And I think this one is even better! I really think practicing has helped. Yes I have some water marbling bloopers that I haven't shown on here or I'll do one or two nails to practice and then decide to go for a completely different manicure. Alas here is my marble for this challenge!

water marble nail art

I think my favourite nail of the bunch is my pinky! That was the original design I was going for however I didn't figure out how to place my nail in the water to get that until I got to that nail lol! I did a  white base using Sally Hansen White On and then marbled using China Glaze Don't Touch My Tiara, China Glaze Gothic Lolita and China Glaze For Audrey. I chose these colours because they are all the accent colours on my blog!

water marble nail art

water marble nail art

I loved all my nails except for my thumb. I got a wicked split in my nail and I was attempting to repair it using the teabag method, and it worked great, except for the fact that I cut the teabag too big so it went right down to my cuticle. Since I don't wear polish right down to my cuticle it looks a little awkward. Normally I would have redone the whole thing, but I was in a slight rush so I just left this one. Please forgive me :) Also when I was cleaning the polish out of the shot glass the toothpick rubbed my mani just a tad. So that's why there is this awkward mark. My bad.

water marble nail art

water marble nail art

Overall I'm really pleased with this manicure! The dreaded watermarble is no longer quite so dreaded. Maybe one day I will do a water marble that isn't for a challenge and post it on here! lol!

Do you have a technique that you struggle with again and again? Do you love to marble? Let me know!! 

Don't forget to stop by my challenge buddies and see what they came up with for their water marble! 

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  1. How do you do the water marbling??? I would like to perfect it you shoulr make tutorials for your nail arts you do as they are amazing!!!! :) I will keep looking and see if you do any.


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