Monday, 25 June 2012

Abstract Nail Art Challenge Day 13: Combo of Two

Today is the 13th day in the Abstract Nail Art Challenge! It seems so crazy that June is almost over and that this challenge is almost done. I’ve had a great time seeing what these fabulously talented girls have been coming up with.

The criteria for today is Combo of the Two. This means that any of the previous criteria can be combined to create a manicure. Let me tell you, this was actually hard! I kept going back to thinking of doing something with dots. But I do a lot of dotticures and I was trying to think of something a little different. I eventually settled on something I don’t think has been combined before! Splatter and V-Gaps!

splatter v-gap nail art

This wasn’t exactly as I had envisioned it. I think I had imagined that all the nails would look more like my index finger, which was my favourite. Unfortunately I splattered the green last and it kept coming out in big globs so most of my nails looked green! Ah well I think the effect is still pretty cool!

splatter v-gap nail art

splatter v-gap nail art

The polishes I used to create the Splatter V-Gaps were as follows, I splattered them in this order.

Orly Royal Navy
China Glaze Vermillion
Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine
Ardene Neon Green

The base and the V-Gap were done using my current go to white crème Sally Hansen White On.

splatter v-gap nail art

splatter v-gap nail art

I only wore this for about 24 hours (this seems to be the case with all of my nails these days LOL) but in that time I got a bunch of compliments! I really liked the primary colour combination. I think that this could look interesting in a bunch of different combinations and I already have another one planned!

How do you like my Splatter V-Gaps? Would you try something like this? Or is it a little too bold for your liking?

I can’t wait to see what combinations my challenge buddies came up with! Remember to stop by and see what they did :) 

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