Friday, 22 June 2012

The Mix it Up Manicure Featuring Jamberry Nail Sheilds

Today I've got an awesome product to share with you guys! You all know me and my love for accent nails and well just crazy nails overall. I am for sure not scared to mix things up a little when it comes to my nails. 

Nail wraps are something that are gaining huge popularity right now. There is no dry time and often you can achieve brilliant looking nails without taking hours or any special materials. There are nail wraps made with real polish, ones that are close to stickers and vinyl. Today I'm going to be sharing with you Jamberry Nail Shields and they are made of vinyl! Something that has often deterred me from purchasing nail wraps is the cost. I tend to like to change my nails every other day to every other day, so the cost for a few days wear seems a little pricey for a college student. However! by using your Jamberry Nail Shields as accent nails you can extend the life of your package!! 

jamberry nail shields puff flower color club take the wing watercolour

May I present what I am calling the Mix it Up Manicure! To create this look I used Jamberry Nail Shields in Puff Flower which can be seen on my ring finger and thumb as accent nails. Before I explain the rest of the mani I want to explain how the Jamberry Nail Shields are applied. To apply these  you peel off the sticker from the backing and heat with a hair dryer for about 15-20 seconds until they are nice and flexible. Then you stick the freshly heated sticker to your nail and and smooth it down. Once the shield is heated it is incredibly sticky. I had no issues with the nail wrap sticking to my nail. Once it was smoothed down I just cut off the excess and filed off the rest! If you want some more intensive instructions you can visit Jamberry's page

jamberry nail shields puff flower

I loved wearing these! They were super easy to apply and once they were on there they stuck right down perfectly. I had no issues with buckling or them looking bumpy or anything. Also as you can see these are really long and rounded at both ends. Since my nails are shorties I was able to get two nails out of each sticker, which meant for this manicure I only had to use two shields to complete both hands. 

jamberry nail shields puff flower color club take the wing watercolour

jamberry nail shields puff flower color club take the wing watercolour

To complete the rest of my mix it up manicure I did the watercolour technique using Color Club Wing Fling, Metemorphosis, and Daisy Does It on my pinky and middle nails. The base I used for these nails was Sally Hansen White On which is just your typical white creme. I loved watercolouring these glass flecks! They turned out gorgeous in my opinion! 

jamberry nail shields puff flower color club take the wing watercolour

jamberry nail shields puff flower color club take the wing watercolour

I had originally done all my other nails using the watercolour technique, but then this idea popped into my head. I used Sally Hansen White On as my base and then freehanded the teal petals using a medium length striper brush and Barielle Do Unto Others, then I added the pink petals with China Glaze Don't Touch My Tiara, and then finally the yellow ones using Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine. I added 3 little clear rhinestones to the base of my flower to finish it off! 

jamberry nail shields puff flower color club take the wing watercolour

I really enjoyed wearing this mix it up manicure. I got a ton of compliments and a few WOAH! how did you do that!? On the nail wraps. Once I explained what they were my friends were asking where do I get these? 

Well if you want some Jamberry Nail Shields for yourself you can purchase some on their website. They retail for $15.00 USD for a set of shields that are pictured above. Currently they only ship within the US however the consultant that I have been working with is more than happy to ship to Canada as long as you are OK with paying via PayPal! All you need to do is send an email to with what you would like to order. Also she will only charge you for the actual shields and the shipping to Canada! Not the shipping to her. This is the only way to get these bad boys in Canada right now so I would jump on it ladies!

Do you like these Jamberry Nail Shields? Is it something you can see yourself wearing? How about the mix it up manicure? Would you wear something as wild as this? Let me know! 

Hope you're all having a fabulous Friday!! 

The Jamberry Nail Shields in this post were provided to me by their manufacturer or PR for my honest review.

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