Friday, 10 August 2012

Twin Post 3rd Times a Charm - MASH 47

It's time for the third twin post with Carmela of Polished Indulgence! We're now onto Carmela's picks, her first plate up is MASH 47. Now before I show you this, I think this manicure looked a lot better in my head. When I first was looking at the images on this plate, one really stood out to me. It reminded me of ninja stars. I thought putting them over silver would look totally badass. Unfortunately I ended up with...

mash stamping nail art

They look like snowflakes! I think my mistake was using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Co-Balt Blue instead of black. But alas Co-Balt Blue was sitting out and in my head it looked wicked, I promise. The silver base is 2 coats of my favourite silver foil, Sally Hansen Celeb City.

mash stamping nail art
mash stamping nail art

I tried rotating the stamp on each of my nails to get a different pattern of ninja stars, or snowflakes? The rotating went pretty well, easier to get different patterns, I'm still just dipping my toe into this whole stamping thing so I'm learning every time :)

mash stamping nail art

Well folks, badass ninja stars or wintertime snowflakes? Let me know what you think these look like!

This was my first time using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes to stamp, and they are awesome! I'm really impressed with the quality, and once this no-buy is over I plan on picking up a few more! If you have any shade suggestions I would love to hear :D

Since this is the first of Carmela's picks I'm really excited to see what she came up with!! Swing on over to Polished Indulgence to check out what I',m sure is an ah-mazzziinnggg! manicure!

Hope you are all having a great Friday! Thanks for stopping by!! :D


  1. Aww this is very cute, it reminds me of Christmas! :0)

  2. Badass snowflakes! or wintertime ninja stars ;))
    I think it looks good anyway)

  3. Ice cold ninja stars baby! I love this combination of polishes, it is really giving me shivers it looks so cold. It is great in summer to wear this to cool you down, or in winter of course, it is obvious! You can imagine ninja starflakes!

  4. Snowflakes. Maybe it would look more ninja-ish if you did it in black and red? Red with black stars?

    1. I agree! I would have redone it if I'd had time.

  5. Ninja stars! :D I still haven't tried this plate out, this looks great!


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