Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Guest Post from Carmela of Polished Indulgence

Morning loves! Today I've got another awesome guest post to share with you from another Canadian, Carmela of Polished Indulgence! Carmela always posts such elegant manicures that I always admire. You may have seen our recent twin posts that we did together using the new MASH stamping plates. Carmela's hamster Hammie is her blogs mascot and he is taking the reigns today! Let's see what Hammie has in store for us!


Hello there Sincerely Stephanie fans! Hammie the hamster checking in for today’s guest post. I can hear those mental gears creaking along. “What’s a hamster got to do with nails?” Well, FYI, I’ve been designated mascot and ambassador from Polished Indulgence, our little portion of the interwebs that I share with my cohort, Carmela. There, we share our love for all things blue and sparkly, with mostly nail polish reviews and swatches with a side of nail art. If you do drop by for a visit, please don’t forget to drop me off some treats! (A hamster can never have enough treats. Honest.) But enough about us, you’re here for the nails and so are we!

It was quite the challenge trying to come up with nail art worthy of Stephanie’s esteem. She comes up with the most fun textures in her art that we’ve fast come to admire. In an effort to keep up to standards, Carmela and I put on our thinking caps and thought long and hard. It wasn’t until I noticed Carmela’s new(er) scarf hanging in her closet that a lightbulb suddenly lit up somewhere. Here’s our camouflage-ish take on said scarf’s pattern:

We used quite a bit of polishes in an effort to find colors that matched the scarf perfectly. NYC In A Color Minute Spring Street for the bright orange, Essence Break Through for the purple, Orly Lucky Duck for the Green and Orly Au Champagne for the white.

We started with Au Champagne as the base, then went to town with a dotting tool, layering color after color. It doesn’t really matter which color you start with. The beauty of this sort of pattern is that you can go crazy and not think too much about color placement. Perfectly imperfect is what you’re aiming for, after all!

Sure, it doesn’t exactly match the pattern but then that’s why it’s called “inspired by..”. I must say, I do adore the colors! Perfect for both spring and fall!

And in true Polished Indulgence fashion, here’s Carmela posing with a fabric daisy. We sort of have a thing for fabric flowers…

There you have it, our scarf inspired nails! Sometimes inspiration strikes you at the oddest moments. This is probably one of them. Now, before we forget, we’d like to say a huge thank you to the ever-so-sweet Stephanie for having us over. We’re beyond thrilled to cover for her while she’s off on vacation. Carmela and I wish you happy travels and lots of fun adventures, Stephanie! :D Now back to you, dear reader, as inquiring minds would like to know: have you ever been inspired by an article of clothing when it comes to nail art designs? Where do you usually take inspiration from?


How awesome is that manicure! I'm such a fan of dotticures and love this camo dotticure! I also love that she took her inspiration from a scarf. So fabulous!

A huge thanks to Hammie and Carmela for holding down the fort for me while I'm away. If you haven't already swing over to Polished Indulgence and show Hammie some love!

Hope you are all having a fabulous day!! <3 br="br">

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