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Guest Post from Marta of Chit Chat Nails

Goood Morning dears! There is no post from me today, this is the start of a series of wonderful guest posts from some fabulous bloggers! This was originally supposed to be my vacation, but a few things have come up and even though I'm not going away anywhere these ladies have agreed to still take over my blog for the next little while! So I'll still be around on twitter and Facebook, but you get to see some manicures from some of my best blogging friends! I am beyond excited and thrilled though to have a lineup of incredibly talented ladies posting for me over the next few weeks. I consider all of these ladies to be friends and they are some of the most kindhearted people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. Oh and on top of that they are all insanely inspirational nail artists! I welcome all of you to check out their blogs and show your support to all of them :) 

First up in the line of guest posts is the extremely talented and sweet Marta of ChitChat Nails! Marta is a fellow Canadian blogger and we literally live a short drive away! She is one of the first blogs that I started following and am honoured to be able to call her one of my close friends now. She has some of the coolest stamping manicures and is always so creative in coming up with new looks. I am ecstatic to have her gorgeous nails here on my blog today! Without further adieu here is Marta's post!!  


Hello Lovely Ladies,
I am so stoked to be here!!!! 

I'm Marta from a little London Ontario based blog called ChitChat Nails.  I felt a real kinship to Stephanie when she posted her "Blue Jays" manicure in the early spring.  I loved her creativity, and that was the first time that I realized that we both were Canadian based bloggers (literally a car drive away from one another).  Since then, I consider Stephanie one of my close blogger friends and I am happy to have gotten to know her!

I am sooo excited to be here!!!! I know that Stephanie has recently been doing a few stamped manicures (and rocking them!) and that is also what I have for your today :D

I used two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  This is an off-white blue-grey polish; I adore it sooo much that I actually own two bottles of it (lest I run out ;) ).  I stamped using MASH-42 and MASH Nail Art Polish in Black.  Below is the image on the plate:

I was drawn to the geometric pattern on this plate, but did not like the little void spot created by the unfinished triangle (see if you can spot the void in the image). I had this vision ;) and the little 'void' drove me crazy enough that I restarted this manicure.  I am not that good at freehanding the rest of the image so I double stamped the bottom part of the image (one above the other) onto my nails.  *Aaaah, much better*

For my accent nails, I used one coat of Sally Hansen Whirlwind White and two coats of the lovely coral neon that is China Glaze Flip-Flop Fantasy.  One coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast topcoat completes this look.

I have been sporting some neons here and there throughout the summer, they are so vivid and always improve my mood.  I am also digging the alternating accent nail look (ring and thumb on one hand AND pinky and pointer finger on the other hand).  I thought it would be great to incorporate both of these into this Guest Post manicure.  

I would like to say a special thank you to Stephanie for trusting me to fill in for her while she is away and allowing me to share this look with you on her lovely blog. 
I hope you liked it, eh? ;)

Do you sport neons year round, or only in the warm summer months?
Do you like the accent nail look?



WOW! I love this! As soon as I got the email I literally wanted to recreate the manicure. The neon and the accent nails are fabulous together and I really want that ring! LOL! 

This is a beautiful manicure and if you are not already you should head over to ChitChat Nails and start following! :) 

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!! :) 


  1. I know these hands anywhere!!! Such a gorgeous mani Marta! I mostly wear neons in the warm months, but from time to time I'm in the mood when it's cold and I put it on. And I LOVE the accent nail look!

  2. what a great color and mani!

  3. great post and lovely nails!!!

  4. Amazing mani from Marta, as per usual. I love the accent nails!

  5. Love this Marta & Stephanie I wanna see your take on this ;)

  6. thank you for inviting me to guest post. It was an honour and I am so happy that this look was so well received by all of your sweet readers/followers/friends :D

  7. This is absolutely amazing...i wanna do it right now!! Perfect, and i love this China Glaze bright, i love it! :)

    Beauty Blog: Me and my Cousin

  8. Very pretty love how you used the stamping design!

  9. Love this!!! I too alternate my accent fingers...and toes :) And neons are a year-round fact of life for me...I've never tried a stamped mani...but I can't wait to try this one!!!


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