Monday, 3 June 2013

Gold Goddess Demeter

Press Sample Purchased by Me


Today I have some random sponging that I did late one night that I actually ended up loving! I had been wearing piCture pOlish Demeter for a day or so and one night when I was all done studying I decided to add a little to the polish on a whim.

I took a torn off piece of sponge and started with Essie Penny Talk. Using a pair of tweezers I randomly blotched on the copper foil until I liked the look. There was still something missing, so I grabbed NYC West Village, which looks like a violet purple in the bottle, and a new piece of sponge and went to work.

Even though the violet turned out to be blue once I sponged it on I still was digging the abstract look. Although it still needed one more little thing. My gold studs from Born Pretty Store were sitting out on my dresser so I placed one at the bottom of each of my nail! Originally I had thought I would need more than one, but I liked the simple look of the single stud.

What are your thoughts on my sponged late night creation?! Is this a look that you would wear? Or should I have left Demeter alone? Hope you are all having a wonderful day loves!


  1. I love this Steph!!!! The colors compliment each other so well!!! Beautiful!

  2. I love it! The studs were a great touch.

  3. The colors look so good together. I love abstract designs. <3

    1. Thanks Kasey :) They're my favourite too!

  4. the colors here look amazing together!!! like a weird rock or something underwater - love it!


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