Saturday, 8 June 2013

Purple Speckled T-Shirt

Purchased by Me

Morning beautiful lacquerheads!

I recently found a shirt in my closet that I completely forgot I had and have become slightly obsessed with it! Does that ever happen to you? While I was wearing it I thought it would be perfect to replicate on my nails!

The shirt is a light purple with neon yellow and neon pink flecks all throughout it. I debated for awhile how to get the texture of my shirt and then it dawned on me! I used an old eyebrow brush that was really stiff to create the flecks on my nails!

I started off with Nailtini Parfait Armour and then used China Glaze Sun Kissed and China Glaze Hang Ten Toes and my old eyebrow brush to get all the little flecks! Here are my nails with the shirt!

I love the texture of this shirt and really loved wearing this one my nails! I kept it on for a few days and only took it off when it finally chipped.

Do you ever match your nails to favourite clothing items? What do you think of these?


  1. So pretty!! I love the colors!

  2. These look fabulous! I love the flecks!! Amazing how something so simple can be so WOW! :)

  3. Love the flecks! And they matched really well with the shirt!

    1. Thanks! I totally wore them together :)

  4. Perfect match with the shirt! :-) I love Nailtini Parfait Armour :-)


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