Friday, 6 January 2012

Fly with Gold Shatter!

Hey all!! 
Sorry I haven't done a nail post in awhile, with all the craziness of the holidays finishing and starting a new job I just haven'y had the time! So there will be multiple posts this weekend :) 

For my first post Christmas manicure I just haaaaaad to use the new Nicki Minaj nail polish and one of my new shatters. So why not put them together! This one was super easy, but had a great effect that I got complimented on a lot! The teller at the DMV even said she loved my nails! 

This was the final product...

Final Manicure! 
How pretty is that!? and soooo simple. 

So to start off with I had to use the new lotion and nail and cuticle oil that I also got for Christmas. 

The nail oil feels unreal on your cuticles! There is life put back into them! Using oils such as this are especially important when you're changing your nails so often, they can tend to get extremely beat up, so I am thrilled to finally be taking care of them! 

So as always apply your base coat first! I used OPI's Start to Finish Base Coat, also a Christmas present!

Then apply two coats of Fly by OPI from the Nicki Minaj Collection. 

two coats of Fly
I really like the colour of this polish. It's a gorgeous teal, with a bit of shine and not toooo bright. It's perfect for this time of year where you want to add a bit of colour but don't want a bright summer colour screaming at you all the time. 

After this I added a layer of OPI Gold Shatter to give it a little extra something. A trick with Shatter is trying to get your whole nail covered in one stroke to get the ultimate shatter effect. Once you try to put multiple layers of shatter the polish sticks together and won't shatter anymore, which will ruin the effect you are going for. 

with the gold shatter!!

This looks so pretty and is perfect for this time of year and takes noooo time at all to do. 

 fly shatterrrr
Polish Used
Again the polish I used was OPI's Fly in the Nicki Minaj Collection and OPI's gold shatter. 

I have more posts coming this weekend so stay tuned!! 

Until next time,

Sincerely Stephanie

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