Saturday, 21 January 2012

Silver Foil Leopard Print! [guest nails]

On the same night that my mom wanted her nails done, my friend came over and asked me to do her nails as well! Every time I see her she has been asking when it will be her turn to have her nails done, so since it was thursday, in honour of Jersey Shore I gave her a leopard print manicure that was worthy of being on Snooki's dress!

So cute! For this look I used Sally Hansen's Celeb City, Sally Hansen's Psychedelic Purple and a black striper. 

celeb city, psychedelic purple, black striper

To start I did one coat of Celeb City. This polish honestly has to be one of my favourites, the coverage is beautiful and it gives such a gorgeous glimmering foil colour. 

Once the silver dried I did one coat of OPI's Start to Finish Top Coat. Then I took my dotting tool and made dots of Psychedelic Purple at random points all over her nails. 

Then I used a toothpick to create the C's around the purple dots and then added smaller black dots in between the leopard print!

I love the leopard print and think it would look great in any colour combination. I want to try the classic leopard colours as well as maybe some white and pink!? The possibilities are endlesssssss. 

Until next time,

Sincerely Stephanie

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  1. Cute but shoulda cleaned up the cuticles before taking pics...just sayin.


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