Monday, 23 January 2012


I have to start off this post by saying my mom is AWESOME. She is completely embracing my obsession and even helping my grow my collection.
This past weekend she was down in the States and while she was there picked me up SEVEN new polishes! Just cause. Needless to say last night when she came home I was drooling just staring at all my gorgeous new polish. 
Here is everything that I got! 

my stash!

Art You Wondering, Bailamos, Lightning Bolt (crackle)

Synergy, Eutopia, Nostalgic, Celebrate

Glass Nail File!!

So for those of you that are incredibly confused by the 100 full sized straws, here's a quick run down. When I did my splatter mani last week I only had a teeny tiny straw and ended up with polish all over my lips and teeth because it was only about 2 inches long so the polish was getting everywhereeeeeee. So my loving mother decided to pick me up 100 full sized straws so that won't happen again! So thoughtful haha

I can't wait to swatch all of these for you! Look for them this upcoming week! 

Until next time,
Sincerely Stephanie


  1. Nice haul! I love that glass file so much! It's the only one I use anymore!

    1. it's amazing!! makes filing sooo much easier than the board I was using before!


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