Saturday, 28 January 2012

mermaid green glitter gradient

hellloooo lovelies! 

I did another glitter gradient recently using some of the nail polish that my mom got me when she was in the states. Here's the final product!

It really reminded me of a mermaid, or under the sea. It was so shimmery and beautiful that I kept looking at it all day! The first day I wore this I actually wore a sweater that is the same colour as the base coat with some gems and embroidery across the top. I was so matchy it was awesome haha. The polishes I used for this were Orly's Bailamos, Finger Paint's Art You Wondering and LA Girl's Nostalgic in that order. 

Macro shot, look at all that glitter!

After a day of wear I had some tip wear so I decided to put a matte top coat over top to see how it looked!

I liked the matte glitter, because well I love all matte glitters, but I think that since all the polish I used was so close in colour it didn't allow the little pieces to shine through and show of the glitters itself. But I still loved it. It's a blueish colour and well I simply just love blues! 

Until next time,
Sincerely Stephanie


  1. Great mani. Beautiful and nicely done.

  2. It was really pretty without the matte, very mermaid-y, but I like it even better matte!


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