Monday, 9 January 2012

Pink Dots!!

Hey all!! 

One of the past few manicures that I did involved using my new dotting tool rather heavily. I used a white base coat a hot pink on top and then put white dots all over it and added a little glitter! 
It looked super cute and was SO EASY to do. 
Here was the final result! 
pink with dots!! 
I think it looks adorable and gives this time of year a litter extra something! 

The polishes I used for this manicure were a white from Ardene, Hot Shot by Orly and Hallucination by Wet and Wild. The other tools used were a dotting tool as well a makeup sponge. 

White from Ardene, Hot Shot and Hallucination
To start off this lovely manicure always put on your base coat to protect your nails! I used Start to Finish by OPI. 

After this I took the white polish and painted my entire nail white. The polish I used was very thin, so it took about 3 coats to get an opaque white. I was concentrating on making the base of my nails more opaque than the tips because I knew I would be painting over it. 

white base coat
Once the white coat was completely dry I took Hot Shot and painted a few strokes onto the side of the makeup sponge. Then starting at the tip of my nail I sponged the colour on trying to get a gradient effect from white to light pink to opaque hot pink at the tips of my nails. I did have a bit of a challenge using only the one colour sponging, usually I will use multiple colours to get a real gradient effect, but I think it still looked pretty good. 

Once the sponging has again completely dried take a dotting tool and use the same white nail polish that you used to do the base coat to line dots across your nails. I tried to do as many dots as would fit on my nails. Since this was my first time using this dotting tool I made a few first timer mistakes. I didn't clean the tool off after every nail, instead choosing to continually dip in polish. This made the dot bigger than I thought and some of the dots especially on my pinky finger had a real texture to them, which also took muuuch longer to dry. 

Once the dots are complete I thought my nails could use a little sparkle so I took a dab of Hallucination and placed it over the bottom white portion of my nails! 

Finish with a top coat, again I used Start to Finish by OPI and there you have it! All done! 

Finished Nails!
Doesn't it look pretty!?
After I finished this it reminded me a little of watermelon! I'm going to have to try this again in the summer with some green black and pink instead of the white!

Until next time,
Sincerely Stephanie

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