Friday, 20 January 2012

Ninja Turtle Paint Splatter!!

So I finally got around to trying a splatter manicure. First of all let me say that it was a hell of a lot messier and more intense than I originally anticipated. I wanted to take pictures of the mess and of my hands, but they were covered in so much polish that I was afraid to touch my camera! 

Here was the finished product! 

I absolutely love they way it turned out! I think it looks so cool! This was inspired by Chalkboard Nails and she said that the colours were inspired by Donatello, the purple ninja turtle!! If you aren't as big a nerd as I am here is Donatello,

In order to get this ninja inspired paint splatter I used, Essie's Mint Candy Apple as a base, then splattered OPI's Never Enough Shoes, Essie's Mesmerize, Green Striper and Sally Hansen's Psychedelic Purple in that order. 

On many of the tutorials that I have read for this they recommend using a straw that is smaller than a regular sized straw. So I found a very small straw that was only about an inch and a half long and extraordinarily skinny. This did not work so well for me. The polish ended up backing up into the straw because it was so small and I wasn't able to clean it out easily, which caused polish to get on my lips. HOT. Blue, green and purple on your lips is not the best look I have ever tried. 

However, regardless of the nail polish that I was finding on my arms for days I think this look is kind of amazing. I had someone at work stop me while I was explaining something in a meeting to ask if I did them myself. So funny. 

Overall this was SUCH a successful manicure. Although cleaning polish out of 10 cuticles is a bit of a chore. I will most definitely be trying this again, however with a normal sized straw! This way I won't end up trying to start a new fashion trend by wearing nail polish on my lips!

Until next time,
Sincerely Stephanie

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  1. I have never cared for the splatter manicure, until NOW that is. This is simply art,beautiful, colorful amazing art!


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