Thursday, 12 September 2013

31DC2013: Day 12 Stripes

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Good Morning friends!

So full disclosure before we get to today's nails. When I was painting these I completely thought that the prompt for today was lines instead of stripes.So my manicure is a little more linear than stripey, but it still kind of fits in with the theme! Right?!

I actually really love these! I started out with OPI My Vampire Is Buff on my thumb, index and ring nails, Color Club Metamorphosis on my middle nail and Orly Luxe on my pinky. Then I went to work with my smallest cut down nail art brush and Wet n Wild Black Creme and just drew lines changing directions every so often until my whole nail was covered!

On my middle nail I did a gradient with Metamorphosis and Color Club Sky High and then created the small triangles with Luxe and outlined them with black creme. On my pinky I tried to do the opposite and created the triangles with Metamorphosis and Sky High and then outlined them in black.

I really liked wearing these nails! I'm also quite proud of my fine line work here :) What do you think of these nails?! Do they fit the stripe theme?

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  1. I love those little triangles! Honestly, from the first picture, I thought they were gold triangular studs!

    Your details work on your lines/stripes is also really awesome!

  2. These are really cute! I think they definitely match the stripes just used a lot more than everyone else :)

  3. Love the triangles! Wish my left hand was steady enough to do that as a full manicure!

    1. thanks Tharvey! I did this as a full manicure, but my right hand was no where near as crisp!

  4. I really love this! Everything about it is phenomenal! And I finally have internet at my new house so I'll be able to comment easier!

    1. thank you so much Emily! That's fabulous! Going without internet really is terrible!


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