Saturday, 14 September 2013

Digit-al Dozen September Spectacular: Fashion

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Afternoon my friends!

Wow! Today is the last day in the Digit-al Dozen's September Spectacular! It is a bittersweet moment for me, on one hand I am happy it has come to an end because now I can get back to posting only once a day! The past two weeks have been a little nutso :P On the other hand I am sad to see it end because everyone has been knocking it out of the park! It has been a lot of fun to recreate past themes, it goes to show that there are endless possibilities within a single theme!

Today's theme is Fashion, it is the week that we most recently did this past August. I ended up going for a simpler look with some standout accent nails!

This look was inspired by this outfit that I found on Pinterest! Here is the image of what it looks like,

I would totally rock this outfit, and since I do not own pink pants, or a fully sequined shirt with an anchor on it, I was forced to create the look on my nails! On my non-accent nails I started off with Pure Ice Flirt Alert to match the pink pants!

For my accent nails I started off with Color Club Beyond and then freehanded some anchors in in Color Club Harp On It. I chose to substitute sequins for holographic polishes because I felt that it still gave off that shine, without having to hand place glitter!

I really like my anchor nails, and maybe I will have to bring them back in some form sometime! What are your thoughts on this look?

Be sure to check out the rest of the Digit-al Dozen's Fashion inspired manicures below! Also make sure to ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY! It ends tomorrow!


  1. I love anchors, so this look hit the perfect note for me. Also, I thought it was a stamp, not freehanded! Someday I will have those skills--flowers I can do, anchors fail me everytime.

    1. thanks Nail*ine It! these were not my first attempt, it totally takes practice!

  2. Love this!! The holo anchors are great!

  3. Adorable! Love how your interpretation!

  4. What a cute outfit for inspiration! I love what you came up with; it's such a super fun look :D

  5. love this! that top is adorable, too!


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