Tuesday, 3 September 2013

31DC2013: Day 3 Yellow

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Good Morning folks!

I hope everyone is having a great first day back to school (for those Canadians out there)! Today is the first day of Orientation Week for Grad school! I am really excited for this whole new chapter of my life to start. I don't have internet set up yet at my house so this is coming to you pre-scheduled!

Today's theme is yellow. I love yellow nails, but yellow can be a tricky colour to find one that looks good on your skin tone. Since skittles are basically my favourite nail art look ever I decided to do a yellow skittle!

I think yellow and grey is such a hip combination that I decided to use that for my inspiration, and added a little black on every nail just for some definition. The yellow I used is NCLA Tennis Anyone? which is a dreamy pastel and the grey is Essence Grey-t to Be Here which has a beautiful pink shimmer throughout making it something special. The black is Wet n Wild Black Creme.

On my thumb I started with Grey-t to Be Here and added random blobs on Tennis Anyone? and then some black blobs on top of that. My index nail started with Tennis Anyone? and then I freehanded the grey squares on and added the black lines with my small striping brush. My middle nail is my favourite I think, and I started with Grey-t to Be Here and then freehanded the stripes on with Tennis Anyone and then added some black dots with a small dotting tool. My ring nail started with a yellow base and then I did a gradient using the yellow, grey and black. The pink shimmer bled through the black and I think it looks really interesting! Finally my pinky started with Grey-t to Be Here and I freehanded a random pattern in black and added a little yellow square on top of it!

I really enjoy skittles and I think they can look really cohesive when you keep the number of colours you use down! What do you think of my yellow skittle?

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