Friday, 13 September 2013

31DC2013: Day 13 Animal Print

Press Sample Purchased by Me

Good Morning loves!

Today brings us to day 13 in the 31 Day Challenge with today's prompt being Animal Print! I just did an animal themed manicure for the Digit-al Dozen September Spectacular, so I did a bit if researching to find something interesting to do for today's prompt. I found myself on National Geographic's website looking at Dangerous and Deadly Sea Creatures! There are so many amazing animals out there but I decided to go with the dangerous theme once I saw the Textile Cone Snail.

Here is the snail if you're wondering how close I got to it's print!

The textile cone snail looks innocent, but is actually one of the planet's most toxic creatures. They "harpoon" their prey with hollow teeth, through which they inject a lethal venom. Their most common victims are mollusks, though they have been known to eat their own kind!!

These nails were pretty simple to do! I started off with OPI My Vampire is Buff and then mixed OPI A-Piers To Be Tan with acetone on wax paper to thin it out. Then I applied the thin mixture in random splotches on my nails. Then I used Revlon Hot For Chocolate and my small cut down nail art brush to create the lines over the brown patches and the V's over the rest of the nails. When I was topcoating instead of floating the topcoat over my nails, I dragged it a little over the brown patches to get the same effect as the snail!

I created the above image for easy pinning so people can see that this actually is an animal print!! What do you think of these animal print nails? Do you like the snail print?

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  1. Ahhh so outstanding! You are knocking this Challenge out of the park!!!

  2. That's awesome! I've been looking for something original to do for this challenge and you've so nailed it! (No pun intended.)

  3. Damn girl, this is INCREDIBLE!! First of all, that print on the snail's shell is unreal... nature never ceases to amaze me. And your interpretation of the pattern on your nails is mind-blowing... so beautiful. I love how the colors interact with each other and i love the freehand design. This is the most unique animal-print mani I've seen! Definitely pinning it =D

    Also, I love that I was able to look at really awesome nail art AND learn a little something new about snails! haha! Thanks =D

    1. isn't Nature amazing! Thank you so muchh <3 I'm glad I was able to teach you something new about snails!

  4. this is great, and really original xx

  5. Amazing look! You always do the best animal inspired looks :)

  6. This is amazing! Super neat and interesting look.

  7. Nature and animals often have the best inspirations! They are always so one of a kind and gorgeous (despite most of the gorgeous ones means danger) hahaha! Absolutely love your take on this challenge! :D


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