Tuesday, 24 September 2013

31DC2013: Day 24 Inspired by a Book

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Morning friends!

Today's nails are inspired by a book! I really wanted to do Harry Potter nails, but was struggling to come up with an original way to do it. My 8 year our cousin is absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter and this past summer he went to Universal Studios and to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Not only did he make me eat some rather disgusting Bernie Botts Every Flavour jelly beans, but he was so proud of his new stuffed toy Hedwig! So after thinking about him I decided to do some Hedwig nails!

Full disclosure, I did these nails by looking at this photo of Hedwig that I found on Google. After I was finishing I decided to google Hedwig Nail Art to see if anyone else had done something like this before. I found almost the exact same manicure on Coewless's blog! So full credit goes to her for thinking of the idea first even though I didn't know they were similar until after I was finished lol.

I started these nails off with two coats of my absolute favourite white creme Cult Nails Tempest on all my nails. Then I started drawing the eyes with Wet n Wild Black Creme. The yellow of the eyes was done with Sally Hansen Lightening and mixing varying amounts of white and black to that to get the shading. The shading for her feathers and beak were done with black and white creme as well as Revlon Hot For Chocolate again mixed with varying amounts of white creme.

On the rest of my nails I ripped a sponge up and sponged on a mixture of Hot For Chocolate and white creme. I sponged most of the polish off onto wax paper so that the sponging was as light as possible. I also went back and added a little bit of white creme over the brown to give it a different feel. I finally went in with a mixture of Hot For Chocolate and white creme and my smallest nail art brush and added the feathers in U shapes!

I really like these and I really hope that my cousin approves! These are for you Nathaniel! :D What do you think of these Harry Potter Inspired nails?!

Remember to head over to The Lacquerologist to see what book inspired Emily today! Also be sure to ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY for a chance to win one of 2 $30 gift cards to Born Pretty Store!
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  1. Oohh I love Hedwig on your nails! The way you did the eyes, stunning :)

  2. I love your nail design for Hedwig, it's awesome!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I love it! I am a HP addict and I love Hedwig!

  4. Aah the dreaded Bertie Botts. I've tried just about all of them with the exceptions of vomit, earwax and boogers and when I say try I mean a quick bite and then spit out! Grass wasn't thaaat bad but still, haha! I absolutely love owls and have always had a soft spot for Hedwig. These are beautiful and I just love the feathers, so pretty!

  5. Well, I have no idea what a Hedwig is but I appreciate and admire your nail art! :-)

  6. I knew that was Hedwig immediately! So sad for him in the end.. :(

  7. This looks great!! I also understood that it was Hedwig right away.

  8. fab job - i knew what you'd done straightaway x


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