Tuesday, 17 September 2013

31DC2013: Day 17 Glitter

Press Sample Purchased by Me


Today's prompt in the 31 Day Challenge is Glitter! There is something about this prompt that really does not spark much creativity. I probably could have tried a little harder, but I did this late last night and this was all the creativity I had in me :P

I started this manicure off, knowing that I wanted to do something in a black, blue and silver combination. I pulled out my standard Wet n Wild Black Creme, my new blue crush Essie Butler, Please and my favourite silver glitter China Glaze Glistening Snow. I used Black Creme on my thumb and middle nail, Butler, Please on my index and ring nail and Glistening Snow on my pinky.

Then I grabbed my silver holographic glequins and got to work! I just did random designs on my three middle nails and then dipped my thumb and pinky in the pot to get some disco ball nails going on.

I'm not sure, there just seems like something is off about these nails. They aren't my favourite, but maybe you like them?! Let me know your thoughts below!!

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  1. I agree..."glitter" isn't very inspiring to me either. BUT I love the manicure you created! =)

  2. I rather like the look you did on your middle and pointer fingers, but especially the middle. I like the look of glitter SOMETIMES for myself, though I can always admire it on others. LOL Generally when on my own fingers, it just ends up making me think of the JOY I'll have taking it off! What you did on your middle finger is something I feel like I could get enjoyment out of without the dread of removal. :)


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