Friday, 14 September 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 14: Flowers

Flowers! Today’s theme had me really excited. When I first sat down to do these I had a whole intricate flower design in mind, but once I had finished outlining the flowers I actually stopped the design there! There is something to be said about simplicity sometimes.

flower nails

I used Catrice Dirty Berry as my base. This was my first time using a Catrie polish and, WOW. I adore the formula and this particular colour is stunning. I was lucky enough to win this polish from the #PolishOlympics that Hannah of Polly Polish held back in August during the Olympics. Dirty Berry is a dusty blue scatter holo. I used It’s So Easy Stripe Rite Striper Black to draw out my flowers and then sealed it all in with a coat of NYC In a Minute Top Coat!

flower nails
flower nails

I think there is something about the stunning holoness of Dirty Berry that made me not want to cover any more of it up. The rainbow flashes were giving the flowers colour even though I hadn’t added anything else. I truly loved the simplicity of this! The flowers were pretty easy to draw. All I did was create a half circle for the flowers center, add some connecting wavy lines for petals and finished off with a few strokes in the center to give it a stamen.

flower nails
flower nails

Sometimes keeping it simple is better right? There is nothing wrong with a super simple mani!

What do you think of my simple flowers? Are you drooling over Dirty Berry as much as I am?!

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  1. I love this! I love simplicity...and I think just having the outline really shows your talent for free-hand! Look how clean those lines are! Rock it girl!

    PS: My blog is completely down now due to transitioning over to my new url! UGGGH!

    1. Thanks girl! Totally grinning ear to ear over this!


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